As a self confessed weirdo, I love nothing more than walking into my bedroom and planning my ensemble for the day, ensuring there is a sprinkling of weirdo, of course thrown in for good measure.
You guys have seen this for the past three years, since I set up this little page of self expression but it's only recently that newer readers, followers and subscribers have been doubting whether I wear these things at all... LIKE HELL I DO!

When politely challenged on their questions, they always reply with the fact that they just couldn't imagine having the confidence to rock said sock and shoe sandal, or said sixties-esque ensemble, so I'm here to let you in on a few tips and tricks that have helped my style confidence along the way.

My old man always used to tell me "You're not wearing it, I am, so what does it matter" whenever my sister and I would mock his bad choice of summer sandals or his questionable choice of brightly coloured shirt, which would result in us giving him the eye roll or the "whatever dad" before walking away.
But now, whenever I receive a negative comment on Instagram or a dirty look up and down from an unimpressed Mancucnian local; my dad's voice rings loud in my mind, "You're not wearing it, SO WHAT THE HELL DOES IT MATTER!"

Honestly, nothing winds me up more then when people slate the way other people dress, it's all opinion at the end of the day, different strokes for different blokes, or something like that. We should let everyone be and take inspiration in different ways from the incredible broad ways in which we can dress.
Our bodies, at the end of the day are beautiful blank canvases which express our personalities as soon as we get dressed in a morning. Being able to wear my personality is one of the things I love so much about personal style, I decide how I'm feeling emotionally that morning and dress for it accordingly.

Take note of what my dad has always championed and remember as long as you feel great, it doesn't matter about anybody else's opinion. I appreciate it's hard in the social media fuelled society of which we live but with Glenn Ellaby's words in mind, I hope you'll never doubt your sartorial choices again.

A huge part of my life, that mapped out the way in which I dress today was my time at high school and with that I'd like to thank the girls who picked on me throughout my time at high school for paving the way for my individuality.
Sadly, many of us go through bullying at school and, as kerazy as it seems and as awful as it was at the time, I'm really rather glad it happened.
The bullies made me realise and realise pretty damn quickly how important individuality is. I don't know about you guys, but the "cool" girls and consequently the bullies at my school all dressed as clones of one another. The same hair and make up look, the same outfit from head to toe and simply because I didn't, I was singled out... Well you know what GOOD! I'm glad you singled me out, it only made my quest for individuality and personal style all the more determined.

So if your struggling to pluck up the courage to head out of your bedroom wearing what you think is a kick ass combo of fear you'll be picked on, remember it's only because you're not dressed "like them" but who wants to be? If the whole world dressed the same, well, that would be a pretty depressing place to live. Let them stare, let them comment but I assure you three seasons down the line, they'll be ripping off your exact look ;)

On a slightly more obvious note than Glenn Ellaby and the bullies at school is visual research. Not sure how to style a particular piece? Not sure how to rock it with confidence? A quick Pinterest search will help you out. This is something I feel is overlooked, even in the world we live in today with style bloggers, influencers and celebrities at our fingertips a little bit of old fashioned research is the first step in finding the courage and confidence to wear exactly what you want, even if it's just to pop to Tesco.
When I was younger I had a little scrap book of style inspo, just a modest Pukka pad where I would stick in cuttings from my favourite magazines of outfit combos that I loved. Granted this quickly became a shrine to Miss Chung, The Olsen Twins and Chloe Sevingy but hey, those girls inspired the way I dress today.

I use this technique, in a much more technical way, but still today, particularly when having to get a lil dolled up for an event or occasion. I type in the piece I have in mind and am instantly inundated with inspiration, with ways to wear it, style it and quite frankly rock it with the confidence it deserves. If the ladies I admire are going for it, knowing that they'll be critized by the press and the public then us mere mortals can do it too!

I've always had a love for personal style, for personal expression through fashion, but never quite the way I do today. On days where all I want to wear is a striped tee and jeans combo, I'll make sure I throw in a statement pair of sunglasses, a quirky piece of jewellery and a bold lip, something that instantly gives me the boost and makes me feel more like Megan.
I have you lot to thank for my confidence; since starting my blog just three years ago now, you've always supported me with my outfit choices and for that I cannot thank you enough. I wish I could kiss you all to say thanks, but instead, this post is for you. You've helped me express myself in exactly the way I want to, sans judging, sans negativity and with all the encouragement I could ever ask for and I truly hope this post has done the same for atleast one of you out there.

Now go and throw on your wackiest of looks and rock it, Glenn Ellaby style.

x M