I am desperately trying not to sing Justin Bieber whilst writing this post but my god, IT'S HARD!
So, you guessed it, today's post is all about self love, finding that one (or ideally more) thing that you love about yourself. Having that realisation moment where you look at yourself, and rather than pointing out the things you dislike about your body and the way you look, let's all find one thing we lurrrrve, you with me?

I'll be the first to admit that sometimes, I look at myself in the mirror and think WHAT.DA.FUCK, "how the heck did this happen", "where did this piece of chunk come from" "I WISH I WAS AUDREY LEIGHTON ROGERS" you know the score.
But whilst working away recently, and having the opportunity to take part in a campaign with Look Magazine, where I was to write one thing I like about myself and share it on Instagram... Well, it was really bloody hard indeed.

This got me thinking, WHY!? Why is it so hard for me to find one thing I like about my body, which isn't my hair, or how my face looks when I've contoured the heck out of it, just one thing I like about my body, and something that I grew myself, you know. Think about it, when asked to name one thing we dislike about our bodies, we'd real off a long list expressing our distaste for our love handles, small boobs and thunder thighs, and it really isn't fair is it? Let's be kinder to ourselves once and for all.

I am a typical fickle twenty-something girl, one day I wake up and I'm happy, I look and feel good, I get dressed, I like my outfit, my latest Instagram shot hit over 1,5000 likes and all is right with the world. To celebrate I have a burger with a side of mac n cheese, fries and a glass of red wine (or three) and I wake up the following morning bloated and no doubt hungover and I hate what I see in the mirror... Oh life!
But I know, as a slim size 8, twenty three year old, that it doesn't take much to make me feel better about myself, simply watching what I eat for breakfast and lunch, treating myself to whatever I want for dinner and doing some extra walking.

I am not an exerciser, and I know that isn't something to be proud of, trust me I am not. But I find exercising at home, with my kettlebell, a skippig rope and getting out on my feet each and every day works to get me back to my best.

We've seen a lot about body-shaming lately, whether that be shaming those WERKING it in the curve industry or those who are bossing those tight and toned gym bodies... WE AS WOMEN CAN NOT WIN!!!
Everyone is beautiful, we must remember that. And we absolutely must remember that as we are all human beings with feelings, it is great to be different.
There are a number of women in social media who are forever inspiring me to be better and to love myself more. Starting with Felicity Hayward, a dear friend of mine and the most badass curve model EVZ. She started her own hashtag #SelfLoveBringsLove and I could not agree with her more; when you learn to love yourself others will follow, and Felicity knows all too well the reality behind that (LOVE YA GIRLIE). Then we have Audrey Leighton Rogers who gets slammed for being too skinny, too toned and for having the most LUSCIOUS LIPS I HAVE EVER SEEN, I mean WHUT!? But she laughs it off with her wicked sense of humour and tells those trolls a few home truths along the way which I completely and utterly admire. And finally Freddie Harrel, another friend of mine from ASOS and someone who's feed I keep up with each and every day. She is 100% herself and that totally comes across within her posts, she works to inspire women to have confidence, believe in themselves and have a laugh along the way. She pokes fun at her small boobs, her "big nostrils" and I find myself becoming infatuated with her, truly due to the fact that she loves herself "flaws" and all.

It's so easy to look at these inspiring women and judge them and worst still, judge ourselves. Comparing ourselves to our peers, which is something we ALL do from time to time yet we all know it does nothing but send us deeper into our hole of self pity, and that 'aint no holiday destination I'm keen to visit.

So anyway, with all that said and done, what do I love about myself?
Well, whilst away in Southern Spain shooting these shots with New Look, admittedly I felt a little self conscious about being surrounded by a crew of strangers wearing a skimpy swim suit and a tiny pair of denim hot pants, but when I received the images back, un-edited and may I emphasise, un-photoshopped, I have to admit, I smiled.

I think I look great.

I'm sure some of you, in your very British ways are thinking "Alright big-head" "errr rate yo-self" but no, this is not me being big headed, rating myself or looking for compliments. This is me finally appreciating what my momma gave me. It's me looking at these shots and not instantly running to the fridge to throw out last nights chocolate, it's me in my truest form, small boobs, curvy thighs, huge forehead and all, and I'm finally learning to love myself.

x M