Sandals- c/o Teva
Oh summer, how great it is to see you.
We’ve scored high on the early spring sunshine so far and I do hope it continues late into September, but until then I’m reveling in all things outdoors. Making the most of the Northern sunshine and getting my freedom while I can.

Wanderlust is all the rage right now, with everyone pining for warmer climates, for adventures and for memories, myself included. But as I write this, sat in Manchester Airports Terminal 1 waiting to board a flight to Portugal for 24 hours of fun with footwear brand Teva and, as excited as I am, sometimes you simply cannot beat the British summertime.

Nothing makes me feel prouder and more geared up for an adventure than a spontaneous road trip to one of the UK’s most beautiful hot spots. Just an hour’s drive out of Manchester is Formby, a truly beautiful, absolutely breathtaking National Trust park. A forest of the most stunning almost haunting trees that lead to vast sand dunes and then finally to the beach.
Formby beach is what the British summertime is all about; a totally unspoilt piece of the UK that truly takes my breath away.

It’s SO easy to dream of other countries, to feel the heat on your skin, sand between your toes, the smell of the sea filling our lungs but hey we can get just that here at home, granted with a little rain thrown in for good measure. But I think it is so important to embrace what we have here in the UK. Seaside towns, historical villages and National Trust park’s such as Formby are brimming with adventures with the most magical memories just waiting to be made.

Feeling free is about living in the moment and remembering to embrace our surroundings. I am an extremely proud Brit, and nothing makes me more appreciative than remembering the freedom of which we have in this country, it is something, as I get older I am learning to never, ever take for granted.

So pack up your car, hit the road and explore your local area, near or far, stay-cations are the new vacations dontcha know.

Still not convinced? Oh sod it, I come with exciting news.
Fancy winning a road trip around the US with Teva, your best gal pal or loverrrrr? Then simply share an image of your original summer moment using the hashtag #OriginalSummer whether that be holidaying or making the most of what your home-town has to offer, we wanna see it. And lets face it, it’s a pretty awesome prize, did someone say TRIP OF A LIFETIME!?

x M