I've said this for a long time now, but I don't particularly find summer dressing to be all that easy. I like layers, I like adding pieces to a look to make it my look and in the summer, well, it ain't all that easy.
So this spring, before the summer set in, I vouched to stay true to myself this season. To opt for layers if I so wish and to experiment with new dimensions of said, layering.

So, with that, I come with a rather wonderful patchwork dress with ruffled detailing. The patchwork elements to the dress add a somewhat layered feel to the look, especially thanks to the carefully constructed ruffled detailing: this is the ultimate cheat layered piece IMO. I've then chosen to layer with accessories such as a greek fishermans hat, choker, ankle socks and a statement bag, 'cause I am finally able to embrace that sometimes it's the small details that truly finish off a a big look.

Of course, you could totally ignore me and embrace the stick and the sweat with your leather jacket. Because, I totally get that leather withdrawals are rife at this time of the year, something I struggle all too well with myself... Now pass me the leather!

x M