Pages By Megan shows how to style pyjama dress with bolo tie and swedish hasbeen clogs

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Pyjama style dress with Swedish hasbeen clogs and bolo tie

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Pages By Megan shows how to wear Swedish Hasbeen Clogs

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How to style swedish hasbeen clogs and pyjama dress

How to style pyjama dress
Dress- ASOS, Shoes- c/o Swedish Hasbeens, Bolo Tie- c/o Rock & Rose

So here I am taking pyjama dressing to a whole new level with a dress that resembles a dressing gown and clogs that could be slippers... Funny ey?Pyjama style tops and trousers have flooded the highstreet and catwalks for some time now, and it's a trend I can totally get on board with, I mean clothing that is as comfortable as pyjamas is an absolute no brainer don'tcha think?
However, never have I delved into a trend quite so literally then I did last week with this beautiful almost rockabilly style pyjama dress. Wearing this on the streets of Manchester provided one too many head turns, lets put it that way, but after last week's post on rocking any look with confidence, I took their stares in my stride.

What attracted me to this dress initially, excluding the obvious pyjama related theme, was the beautiful tattoo-esque floral print. Floral's aren't something I explore all too often, but every now and again a floral print steps into my life that is a little unlike anything else I have seen, and this was just the ticket.

Throwing caution to the wind and ditching my usual anti-summer ankle boot of choice I styled up my all new dressing gown dress with some badass Swedish Hasbeen's, clompy, comfortable and that touch of weirdness that I gravitate towards and my bedroom-street style look is complete... Now someone pass me a duvet.

x M

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