Pussybow Shirt- c/o Dorothy Perkins, Jeans- c/o Dorothy Perkins, Mules- c/o Next
You know every once in a while when you find yourself wearing a uniform. A uniform not because you've been told to wear it, but a uniform made up of a formula that you just cannot beat? Well, this is an example of just that.
This little Dorothy Perkins combo is from their Exclusives collection which consists of an edit full of press-worthy pieces and limited edition buys and I simply cannot get enough of it. I mean, just last week I wore this combo THREE times, it's just that failsafe combination that you can throw on and just know that you're smashing it in the style-stakes.

Pussybow blouses are a great way of updating your everyday relaxed chambray shirt; they add a lil bit of summin-summin, a seventies touch if you will and adds instant style points to your look.
Next we have the jeans, now do not even get me started on the jeans; these jeans have been SUCH a surprising piece for me. Now, as much as I love shopping at Dorothy Perkins, their jeans are never something I ever thought about testing out, opting for other trusty denim brands instead for their jeans selection... Well, that was until now.

These awkward length jeans are the most wonderfully fitted denim piece, they're extremely soft, they mould to my shape and the awkward length of the leg isn't all that awkward as it hits my ankles just where I want them to, meaning my shoes can shine bright like a diamond, or whatever it is Rihanna waffles on about.

x M