Last week we were treated to a very exciting stay at the truly wonderful and decadent 45 Park Lane Hotel. We were in London for a very exciting occasion and the people at 45 Park Lane worked to make our trip all the more wonderful and completely and utterly special. 

From stepping foot into 45 Park Lane and hearing Bowie playing across the lobby I knew that 45 Park Lane and I were going to get along just fine.
The entire hotel has an extremely contemporary feel to the place, however with some gorgeous art-deco influences which is obvious throughout. The room we were lucky enough to stay in was completely gigantic and one of the most incredible sleepover venues I have ever had the pleasure of staying in.
The spacious room boasted a large living and office space, with a huge television screen and an even bigger bed. Of course you can always rate a hotel based upon their bed and the bed at 45 Park Lane certainly did not disappoint; Seriously comfortable and absolutely huge, I lost George atleast three time during my nights sleep.
With a luxurious mini-bar stocked with champagne, wine and spirits and more to my taste Pringles, Skittles and lashings of chocolate, it really was a dreamy hotel experience.

We spent our first evening dining at the hotels restaurant (read more on that below...WARNING copious amounts of food porn to follow) and tested out the most incredible hotel bathroom I have ever seen.
With double sinks and a suite decked out in marble I was in complete princess mode that is for sure. In true Megan and George style, we selected a Disney movie from the extensive choice of free movies and watched it FROM THE COMFORT OF A HUGE BUBBLE BATH, I kid you not! The television was mounted INTO THE MIRROR so it was the most dreamiest of evenings before what was to be such a busy day ahead.

I told you food porn was inevitable, just look at the feast we were lucky enough to indulge in would you!
Inside the 45 Park Lane hotel is legendary chef Wolfgang Puck's CUT restaurant, a modern American steak restaurant featuring seriously delicious food in what was a wonderfully relaxed and dynamic environment. For me it was fine dining without the snobbery and let me tell you, that is my kind of dining!
We perused the menu whilst sipping on champagne, did I mention it was a special occasion? Whilst nibbling on the most delicious appetisers of Tuna and Burgers before FINALLY deciding upon what we were to order... Trust me, it was a tough one.

We opted to share two starters; the first a delicious Burrata with fig salad, and, let me tell you, as a Burrata expert, this stuff was the stuff of dreams; simply the best Burrata I have ever sampled before in my life. When mixed with the fig... My god, my tastebuds were in complete and utter heaven.
We then selected the Steak Sashimi, which again was truly delicious with the asian flavours rife and the steak oh so tender. For this, the in-house sommelier selected the perfect glass of white wine to compliment our starter choices, something I've never experienced before, but my god what a difference the perfect glass of wine does for a meal.

For our mains George and I opted for steaks which were truly delicious indeed, quite possibly the best I've ever had. We, again shared sides of Rosemary fries, Broccoli and of course Mac n Cheese, 'cause if theres Mac on the menu, I'm always gonna order it.
With the perfect bottle of red wine alongside our delicious American and Australian Steaks we were completely in our element with gorgeous food, attentive and hilarious staff and the most wonderful of soundtrack from the likes of Fleetwood Mac and more.

Similarly to our evening meal breakfast certainly did not disappoint. On arriving at 45 Park Lane we were instructed that breakfast at 45 Park Lane was not to be missed, so we ensured our alarms were set and that we were down at the restaurant ready for a treat.

Once again the menu was extremely extensive, boasting healthy and of course, not so healthy breakfast options with completely incredible ingredients to boot.
On our first morning at 45 Park Lane, I went for my all time favourite, Eggs Benedict with Streaky Bacon which certainly did not disappoint. The eggs were cooked to perfection, the bacon just how I like it, well done and deliciously crispy, whilst the hollandaise sauce was creamy and sweet just as it should be.
George selected, what appeared to be an over-bearingly HUGE full English breakfast, but what arrived was dainty and really rather beautiful indeed. All your favourite breakfast classics but done in a very sophisticated yet delicious way... Need I say more than the breakfast was accompanied by TRUFFLE EMULSION... I die!

After breakfast we headed back to our room to finish off getting ready for our day, only to be surprised with pancakes at our door. Such a wonderful touch and the kindest of gestures providing a great way to finish such a delicious breakfast.

As I'm sure you can tell, we had such a wonderful stay at 45 Park Lane, if you are looking for somewhere to spend a very special occasion I could not recommend this place enough. It's perfectly luxurious but with a truly relaxed, contemporary and fun vibe to it, which I think is oh so important when staying somewhere as fancy as this.
Each and every member of staff was beautifully attentive, kind and funny and I could not rave about the hotel, the people, the food and atmosphere more highly!

x M


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