Shirt- c/o New Look, Trousers- Boohoo, Shoes- Vagabond c/o Zalando, Sunglasses- Marc by Marc Jacobs, Bag- c/o Radley
Oh what a beautiful thing it is to spy something you have completely forgotten about in your wardrobe and team it with something brand spanking new, to then come up with one of you most favourite combos to date. Well, this is just that.
I purchased these kick flares around a month ago from Boohoo (see me yabbering about them here) put them away in my overflowing wardrobe and forgot all about them, how bad is that.

Only did I discover them again when this lightweight striped shirt from New Look was hanging on the back of my door as a reminder to wear and screamed "With the Scooby Doo Trousers" in my face.
Sometimes, combinations just come to me like that, as I'm sure they do to you too, and it's definitely one of those winning at life, fist pump moments when two pieces collide and it's a look like no other.

Now don't get me wrong, I know this look is neither earth shattering or anything overly elaborate or interesting, but it was a look that I felt pretty darn good in and a look that had me batting off the compliments from my lovely George, and that's always nice.

So here's to forgetting about pieces we've bought, it's a terrible habit that we all have, but one that isn't all that bad when you re-discover it and love it more than ever.

x M