I'm writing this today, sun streaming through my windows and with not a single cloud in the sky, how completely glorious. So this got me thinking, I'm going to set myself some summer goals, right here, right now on Tuesday 24th May, and when summer has come and gone, I'll review these goals to see if I've actually hit them. Who's with me?

Goal Number 1.
Naturally, my number one goal for summer is to travel as often and as regularly as I can. Travel is great for expanding your mind, feeding your soul and of course having a heck load of fun in a new location with the people you love.
Whether that be hopping on a plane for a twenty-four hour press trip, a week long holiday with George or simply heading to the countryside for some peace and quiet, I'm going to take every opportunity to travel and grab it tightly with both hands.

Not only do I love travelling for myself and for the ones in which I am traveling with, but I love travelling in order to report back to you. My favourite kind of content to create is that of travel related content, I love the colours, the energy and the fun filled imagery that graces PBM shortly after I've returned from a break. I love documenting our trips with a travel vlog, sharing my holiday looks and of course giving a much requested travel guide for each destination I am lucky enough to visit.
I have a little travel bucket list, but more on that some other time, but until then, I would LOVE to know where you're hoping to visit this summer and if there is anywhere that you'd love to hear about... Any excuse to book a holiday ;)

Goal Number Two.

Loosely connected to goal one is making memories with friends. Since moving from London in November, I left some gorgeous people behind. This summer I hope to reconnect with these friends, making some much needed summer memories, 'cause I don't know about you guys, but my most vivid memories from past years of my life are always based in the summer months. There's something so beautiful, so colourful and so vibrant about those summer memories that you carry with you throughout your life and now I've found the love of my life, cemented friendships with those near and far, I want to make this summer full of wonderful memories to look back on, and smile.

I'm keen for picnics in the park, drunken nights in Manchester's Northern Quarter, festivals in the sun and trips to the beach, if I can tick each of these points off by the end of September I will be a very happy girl indeed.

Goal Number Three.

More of a personal goal here, but by the end of summer, I would whole-heartedly LOVE to reach my Instagram goal of one hundred thousand followers... I mean how crazy would that be? I touched upon Instagram in last week's post and although I don't think Instagram is the be-all-and-end-all, it is a huge part of my job and is something that I am always striving for more with. Having woke up to 80k just this morning, I'm going to set my sights for 100k by the end of September, not completely out of reach but a rather tough goal to set. It's such an important thing to set yourself personal goals when it comes to your work, I'd love to hear about any summer goals you'll be setting yourself at work; Perhaps it's a follower count, a work-place promotion or simply getting that report in earlier than deadline day, set yourself an achievable goal and ACE IT!

Dress- c/o New Look, Bag- c/o New Look, Espadrilles- c/o New Look

Goal Number 4.

My fourth and final goal for this summer is to look and feel good. In all honesty I'm not one for doing much exercise, but I do enjoy walking and doing a few floor exercises at home. I'll be going all out on my mini exercise routine from now, throughout the summer to make sure I'll be feeling my best.
This is purely for me; I have a boyfriend that loves me for me, friends who don't give a hoot with the way I look, but I do have a set of eyes that see myself everyday and know the way I should be looking. I'm currently in a great place when it comes to my body and self confidence, which will be discussed in a post I'll be sharing with you next week, and I intend to keep it up until winter hits and it's okay again to put on a few extra pounds and not shave your legs for two weeks...

So there we have it, my mini summer bucket list, do you have any similar goals for the summer? If so I would lurrrve to hear them. I'll be checking in, late September to let you guys know what I was able to achieve.

x M


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