I have deleted the following sentence three times now, toying with whether to say what I've been thinking for a few months now. I definitely don't want to cause offence, come across as harsh, a moaning myrtle or a bit of a downer, but here I am still writing it because, hey, it's my little space and it's on my mind so I'm just gonna say it...

Bascially, I've had it with Instagram!

No, not really; infact, not at all, I absolutely LOVE instagram. I love exploring my favourite ladies feeds and drinking up the inspiration that they provide me with. I've always had a love for photography, ever since I received an A* at A Level (yeah I did, *insert nail paint emoji here*) so Instagram constantly feeds my passion's, my hobbies and just general other thangs that I simply love.

However, recently I've been hearing a god-awful word, a word that is absolutely, 100% made up, a word that no doubt will be added to the dictionary next year and a word that shockingly I have said before myself.
I am guilty of having said this once or twice, but it's the way it is being used now, that I simply cannot deal with.


Yes, of course, we're all guilty of saying that something is "totes Instagrammable" and hey, I'm cool with that. It's when someone says something ISN'T Instagrammable that grinds my gears. I mean who's to say what is and isn't okay for Instagram!?

I've seen beautiful shots of loved up couples, groups of friends, motion filled shots of much loved pets and otherwise, yet the caption doesn't discuss how beautiful these candid snapshots are, but rather how they're "not Instagrammable" or "not in keeping with my feed" or worse still "deleted that last shot as it wasn't Instagrammable" ARGHHH!

Instagram is all about being instant, about sharing parts of our days, weeks and lives with our ever-expanding community of followers and that means the REAL you.

Top- c/o New Look, Trousers- c/o Pinko, Sandals- OFFICE Shoes, Sunglasses- Marc by Marc Jacobs
There's no harm in taking pride in our feeds, as for many of us, it's our jobs. But in a world that can be so filtered, photoshopped and down-right fake, it means so much to me when I see a post that expresses pure joy, happiness and lots of lurrrrrrve.

So next time you take a photograph that you love but either don't share due it's "non-instagrammable" nature or feel the need to add a disclaimer on how you "appreciate it's not Instagrammable" think FUCK IT! Get that photo out there, share a different side of your life that you haven't shared before and be yourself. I know that my favourite accounts are those who fill their feeds with natural snapshots, hilarious and cheeky captions and have a great balance between work and play. And I can tell you now that images I post on my own account, simply without thinking, just because it's a fun shot with friends, a cute snap of George and I or even a shot my sister took of me over lunch, those are the shots that perform the best, so I think you guys agree with me too. Don't believe me, click the links, the proof is in the likes... Yes I did just say that.

On that bombshell, I'm off.


x M