It's pamper time! My favourite part of the week, which just so happens to happen two-three times a week, as there is nothing that feels like home, quite like a good old pamper session.
I've been travelling a wee bit lately and when I'm away I seem to neglect my skin a little bit; opting for a quick face wash or worse... The dreaded face wipe, simply because I can't take all of my skincare products away with me and sometimes due to pure exhaustion and the desperate need to get in bed as quick as I can.
So when I'm at home, I make a HUGE effort to look after my little face in the only way I know how... PAMPER TIME!

First up, I get the bath going, nothing relaxes me quite like a hot soak in the bath. I'll then start with my current skincare routine. I'm currently testing out a heck load of cleansers, as I'm an absolute sucker for cleansers, but the one I go back to each and every time is the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. It's such a light and delicate cleanser that, with a muslin cloth, really works to clear my face of the days make up. The polish, followed by a good exfoliate and a face mask, works to make me feel more like a human and less like a tired zombie.

A soak in the bath whilst catching up on my fave YouTube videos by the likes of Helen, Anna, Lily and Gabby, is one of those things I truly look forward to in my week, especially if I've been away, as I have a heck load to catch up on, so it really makes me feel like I'm home, settled and caught up with the world of social media.
Finishing my pamper session by moisturising and applying my all time favourite facial oil, the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate, before wrapping up in a huge fluffy towel . I'm really loving the Christy Supreme Hygro Towels which are the most dreamy of cotton-rich towels by COTTON USA, we have them in the shade Mocha and they're insanely thick, fluffy and just what I need after a busy day of working, whilst adding a pop of colour to our all white bathroom.

I find it's the little things like a pamper night and a big fluffy towel that feels like home for me. When you've neglected your skin and your body is shattered, getting home and looking after yourself does wonders for how you feel both about yourself and about your day and the days ahead.
So girls, I urge you to get yo'self in the bathroom, light some candles, put some music or videos on, read a book and pamper the heck out of yourself, because, why not, we deserve it.

x M

*Big thanks to Christy Towels for sponsoring this post and giving me the opportunity to share a regular day in my life. All words my own and Christy Supreme Hygro┬« towels carry the COTTON USA International trademark for quality U.S cotton-rich products, so they're super duper fluffy and just wonderful.*


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