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Today I come with a cheeky lil ask.
I need your advice, I need to pick your brains a wee bit and I need you to be completely and utterly honest with me.

So if you haven’t noticed (although I do hope you had) I’ve tried to up my game a little bit over the last few weeks, I’ve done this in a gradual way, but I am honestly so happy with how everything it going. Feeling truly fulfilled for the first time since I turned to full time blogging back in September.

See, being your own boss in a creative field such as blogging can be rather tricky. Tricky to come up with ideas, tricky to find the motivation and tricky to fill your days.
Now I’m sure some of you are reading this thinking “Oh pipe down woman, you’re your own boss, you can do what you want, you’re living the dream” and hey, I’ll be the first to admit that, but I come from a very hard working background and I’ve always been a hard worker since I was a wee nipper, so I’m not going to lie and say when I turned to full time blogging I upped the ante and was working my fingers to the bone every day, 12 hours a day; In fact, turning to full time blogging, not an awful lot changed around here.
Posting just three times a week, I found myself bored and frustrated, finally deciding that something just had to give, and that something was me, I needed to get off my ass and change something.

So firstly I turned to YouTube, FINALLY getting round to posting that bloody NYC vlog, a vlog I was truly happy with and really proud of. I found that I enjoyed vlogging and that I’d developed a passion for video editing, but when I was faced with slow internet and copyrighted content, I gave up and left the video sitting in my private videos for way too long.
When I set that video to live back in February the response really was incredible and I was extremely excited to explore an all new platform, however, slow and steady that may have been.

Initially I didn’t want to put too much pressure on myself, until a few weeks later popping up my second video which was a Leather Jacket Lookbook, something I bloody love and had so much fun making, that’s when I feel I found my mojo and felt I could FINALLY sit down in front of the camera and give some real YouTubing a go.
Fast-forward a couple of weeks and I’ve now gone from sporadic, to one video a week to now two videos and I’m loving the buzz, the feedback and the days filled with creativity.

Along with my new venture into YouTube,  I had a good think about my blog, my little baby as I like to call it. It’s my one-man-band and after much deliberation about management and a number of meetings, I’ve decided to keep it that way, for now anyway.
I’m in the midst of an all new design, of which I am extremely excited about, and I’ve started to post every single day except Saturdays, ‘cause we all need Saturday’s off don’t we ;)

Now is where you come in, I really need to know exactly what you like about my blog, about me, my channels , my style, my reviews, my travels EVERYTHING. I want to hear the good with the bad and I want to make a change for you. I want Pagesbymegan to continue to be a little space of style inspiration from a normal 23 year old northern girl, but I want to know that the pieces I am writing and sharing with you are actually the pieces you want to read.

So below, I’ve listed some questions, just four, and I’d really appreciate it if you could take the time to answer these in the comments below. This will really allow me to tailor my content and ensure I’m doing myself and us proud.

1. Do you like my daily posting during the weeks? And (cheeky added Q), do you read blog content on Fridays?
2. What kind of YouTube videos would you like me to film? Anything you want to know, see, learn etc?
3. What posts do you like on PagesbyMegan, top 3? Is it style posts, travel, Manchester Gems ANYTHING, I'd love to know this!
4. What is PagesbyMegan missing? What would you like to see, see more of, or what should I ditch? Go onnnnn be brutal.

Thanks in advance, tonnes of love and thank you for all your continued support.

x M


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