Where To Find Glasses That You Actually Want To Wear

As a self confessed "blind bat" since the age of 12 and a half, I know all too well about the struggles of finding glasses.
But not only glasses that fit you, or glasses that suit you, but glasses you actually want to wear.
I remember all too well being placed at the back of my German class and squinting to read the board, checking to see that nobody was watching and then quickly popping on my simple, frameless glasses and taking them off again before anybody caught me... Oh the embarrassment.
So I've done the hard work for you and scoured whats on the market for us glasses wearers, because we may be visually impaired, but we still want to look and feel good, so lets go!

Ace & Tate Nina
First up we have Ace & Tate, now I have quite a few pairs of their opticals but these rounded frames with a speckled finish are probably my favourites.
Ace & Tate are the kings of cool, fashion forward and down right gorgeous glasses, they're my first port of call when I'm looking to update my collection and they always come up trumps.
The Ace & Tate Nina's are the only pair in my collection that are round, I feel they add a fun element to every look.
I particularly like to wear these with an all black outfit, and a red lip for a rather sophisticated-cool look.
These are a fairly new addition to my collection but I really enjoy wearing them, I think they'll look awesome with pastel shades too so I'm looking forward to rocking them a lot as it gets warmer.

Love Moschino x Specsavers LM12
Secondly we have the newest pair to my collection, these bad ass gradual cat eye frames by Love Moschino x Specsavers. These are probably my favourite pair due to them actually really and truly suiting me. The shape is just very complimentary on my face, unlike my other pairs which, don't get me wrong I love, but are more of a fashion accessory than actually flattering the shape of my face.
I love the sleek design, the all black finish and the little gold detailing on the arms, a current everyday fave and something you should be able to find in your local Specsavers store if you fancy having a little try on and peeking the rest of the collection.

Next we have a pair from Komono, a brand I've not heard a lot about but a brand that have some SRSLY awesome opticals and shades in their repertoire.
These brown to transparant gradient frames are probably my oldest and most loved pair of glasses. I've had them for around two years now and they're still in brilliant condition.
They're an oversized somewhat rounded, rectangular shape and they're the perfect pair for adding a bit of geek chic to your look.
My dad reckons my Grandad had a very similar pair back when he was a kid, so I think that says it all on the retro style stakes.

London Retro- Dodger

And finally, my Dodgers from London Retro at My Optique, a pair that I absolutely ADORE, but a pair that probably don't suit me the way in which my Moschino x Specsavers do.However, sometimes it's nice to have a bit of fun with your eyewear and these are just the ticket. I absolutely love the oversized shape and the serious straight edges along with that really gorgeous brown, ombre gradient.
Similarly to my Ace and Tate pair, I really LOVE wearing these glasses with a bold red lip and an all black look, often opting to tie my hair back into a low bun to ensure the glasses do the talking.

So there we have it, four pairs of glasses by four rather wonderful brands. I can assure you that these glasses will be singing loud and singing proud on your little face and they'll be no more awkward squinting, RESULT!

x M


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