The ESSENCE of Friendship

Happy Thursday you lovely bunch, we're almost there and we can do it!
I come today with a rather lovely post, one I've been really excited to write for a long while. A piece about friendship, beautiful friendship, something we are all very lucky to have, whether that's with our girlfriends, our partner or our family, we all have them and they're something we must, must, must always treasure.

Friends have come and gone in and out of my life, as I'm sure they have with you too. But it's the friends that stick around through good and bad, and the new ones that come into your life that truly shape the person you are today.
PANDORA kindly asked me to explore the inner values and traits of my friends and our friendship through the charms of the new ESSENCE Collection which look truly beautiful when combined with the PANDORA ESSENCE Bangle, don't you think?

Take my longest and best friend Charlotte aka Lennie. Lennie and I have been friends since the age of 4 and although we don't see much of one another nowadays, what with her being a bad ass zoo keeper in Bristol and me with my blog here in Manchester, we both know that we're always there for one another, we will always be each others bridesmaids and that whenever we do catch up face-to-face, nothing will be any different from where we left off, now that is a true friendship. And for that, the PINK CRYSTAL CHARM comes in to play, symbolising the everlasting bond of friendship.

More recently I've had an influx of truly wonderful and beautiful ladies enter my life that I am completely and utterly grateful for in every way. Carmen and Abbie made my time in London what it was, the days out getting lost, the drunken nights dancing in Shoreditch and the constant daily LOL's over Whatsapp, I truly don't know what I would have done without them. And even now, while I'm back in Manchester and they're continuing to live it up in London, we're still seriously close and the LOL's still come in thick and fast and for that I believe the positivity charm steps in. Carms and Abs allowed me to see the positive side of everything whilst in London, even if I wasn't feeling all too good about it at the time, and they will never know how much I appreciated it, another trait from the ESSENCE Collection, appreciation.

Lizzy and Hayley, two more beautiful humans who I was lucky enough to meet through the big and beautiful blogging community have truly enriched my life in more ways than they realise. These two are my go-to's for everything whether that be advice, a giggle or snaps for my blog, they're
always there for me with their endless support and I am so completely thankful for everything they do. As fellow full time bloggers they understand my job and the dedication that goes into it, and to represent this I selected the super sparkly dedication charm, to symbolise a huge part of my life and that of my friends lives.

And finally my beautiful Beattie, this little stunner only came into my life back in August, on my first date with George in-fact; but she is one of those friends that I just know will be with me throughout my life, and therefore my second friendship crystal in blue symbolises this. We just click, we have SO much in common including our mutual love for Sun Beams Jess, music, spider eye lashes and getting a little too drunk on the weekend. She's fast becoming my rock and once again, I'm not sure she realises just how special she is to me.
But don't you worry, I'm making a little note to myself to tell each and every one of the people above just how wonderful I think they are.

So there’s a little overview of my closest of girlies, but of course not forgetting my beautiful sister Faye, whose sense of humour, drive and wit is one I can only wish I had, my momma bear and all the incredible women in my family. They truly are my best friends and I feel so completely lucky and dare I say it, blessed, to have such an incredibly supportive, hilarious and strong family around me.

I hope you enjoyed this post, it's a deep one, but one that means a lot to me and one I've loved exploring and writing. I'd like to thank PANDORA for giving me the opportunity to share some love with the truly inspirational and wonderful friends in my life and urge you to do the same.
You can check out the full PANDORA ESSENCE Range here.

x M

*Post sponsored by Pandora but lucky for me all the friends are mine...YAY!*


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