Finally I come with a few snippets from our new home. George and I moved to Manchester from London last November, in what was a very quick step for the two of us indeed. But honestly, it was the best move of my life and I can whole heartedly say that I have never ever been happier. There's something about having your dream place, in your favourite city, with your family, extended family and in-laws just down the road that really gives you that inner peace feeling. Our home is a true reflexion of both of our personalities and is our complete and utter happy place.
So after a long time promising you lot that I'd share a peek into our Manchester flat, here I am with some details from the wonderful La Redoute (seriously, is there anything those guys can't do) I've featured some corners of our bedroom and living room, so I really hope you enjoy.

Bedding- c/o La Redoute
Copper pots- c/o La Redoute, similar here
 Zebra Rug- c/o La Redoute

Wool & Cotton Cushoin Cover, Wool & Beaded Cushion Cover- Both c/o La Redoute

Our Bedroom

Now, to say I have my dream bedroom would be the understatement of the century. The bare brick (which goes throughout the flat in all fairness) contrasted with the calming white walls and reclaimed wood furniture, it is pretty much exactly what I would want from a bedroom.
We added a feminine touch to the walls with some hanging prints, but more of those in another post, and littered the surfaces with rose gold and copper accents, 'cause as of late I'm a complete magpie for the stuff.

I'm a sucker for completely enveloping a bed in fun cushions. I am currently working on my summer cushions as I've taken it upon myself to update our cushion covers every season, that way our rooms will stay super fresh and fun, and I won't find myself getting bored and bringing out the paint pots...

Two of our new spring additions to our cushions were these seriously chunky, textured cases from La Redoute; I'm big on texture when it comes to soft furnishings so these babies are just the ticket for adding some additional spice to our other cushions.
The bedding you can see there is also a new addition to our boudouir and honestly, not something I thought would work due to the print, however, the print is so lovely and so subtle that from a far it blends together and simply looks like a block grey shade, only when you get closer do you discover that is a speckled stripe design... Clever.

Tapesty Cushions- c/o La Redoute, herehere & here

Cactus Vases'- c/o La Redoute, similar here 
Hanging Mirror- c/o La Redoute 
Vase- c/o La Redoute

Our Living Room

I also enjoy having lots of nic-nacs and interesting pieces scattered across most surfaces in my home, quite the opposite to most "scandi" inspired homes that we are inundated with currently, but I just find it more interesting to fill my space with gorgeous photo frames and little ornaments, nic-nacs, vases' and art that both myself and George can look at, rearrange when we get tired of it and to give our guests something to explore when they come to visit.
The latest additions to our living room come in the form of these seriously cool cactus vases', however, I think they're too cool for any flowers. I may well pop in a leaf or a green based flower at some point but right now, they're sitting loud and proud on our TV-unit and looking seriously cute indeed.

I also picked up this absolutely HUGE silver vase, which takes it's place on our coffee table when it homes flowers, but sans flowers it joins our dining table, where it looks awesome with our candle stick holders. A seriously heavy duty piece that adds to our industrial vibe but in a rather Moroccan-y way.

And finally hanging mirrors; I am a complete and utter sucker for these babies. If you guys saw this Instagram post where George and I hung height appropriate hanging mirrors, you'll already know this, but I've since added some more to our collection. This little black baby looks so great placed on top of our crate bookcase, just adding a little bit of something extra to it. I really love how it looks propped up against George's Zombies poster and with a little bit of greenery for good measure. The mirror actually comes in a pack of two with an absolutely ginormous daddy-bear version, but I'm currently alone whilst George is on tour and can't lift it over my head to settle on a place for it on the wall *must work on upper body strength*

The living room was the place that I found the hardest (although not that hard) to get just right. And in all honesty I'm still not quite satisfied with it now, which is the reason for the lack of interior posts that have been gracing PBM. However, this was the room that we had the most fun doing up; we've injected SO much colour into the place and really worked to amalgamate our personalities, our passions and our tastes into one room, which thankfully are pretty damn similar, so it works wonderfully.

Similarly to the bedroom texture is important with soft furnishings, however, the living room is our place for experimenting with colour, so once again our sofa is littered with an array of cushions from velvet, mongolian fur, embroidery and now tapestry thanks to La Redoute and their awesome tribal/ikat inspired cushion covers.

So there we have it, just a small sneak peek into two rooms of our new home.
I really hope you enjoyed this post and if there are any other interior related posts that you would like to see then do let me know as I would go as far as saying I love interiors as much as I love fashion, so would love to make this more of a regular thang.

Thanks so much for reading.

x M


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