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The customised jacket with patches and pins is the must have piece of the season, and in my opinion an absolute spring/summer essential. A denim jacket is the kind of piece that works with pretty much everything, it's a piece that I believe everyone can rock, no matter what your vibe is, even more so when you can tailor it and customise it to suit.
With that being said, I've wanted to do this post for a long time, so here we go; I thought I'd give my own DIY Denim a go, using a much-loved-but-in-need-of-a-revamp-denim-jacket, a heck loada patches, badges and pins and the brand new Morphy Richards Redifine ATOMiST Vapour Iron, and I'm pretty darn chuffed with the outcome.

 Morphy Richards AUTOMiST Iron*

All you need to customise your own, is a denim jacket or other denim piece for that matter, some fun patches and embellishments, I have some here from Skinny Dip London & Stradivarius and of course an iron. Today I'm giving the all new Morphy Richards AUTOMiST Iron a whirl, It's a pretty snazzy looking iron with an easy grip handle, thermoglass and in a navy and silver colour-way.
The water tank isn't attached to the iron, but to the base instead, which pumps the water up through the vapour mist cord which makes ironing easy and gives your clothes a superior finish, without the need for steam, meaning 75% less energy is used and that to me is pretty bloody clever indeed.

Simply start by deciding where you'd like each patch to go, placing it on to the jacket. This was the trickiest part for me, being a bit of a perfectionist, presentation is key and I simply couldn't make my mind up with where I wanted them to go.
I'm particularly digging the Doris patch from Skinny Dip London, my Nanna's called Doris so it really is perfect being positioned right by my heart... Ahhh.

Once I was happy with the placement of my patches, I then set to work with my Morphy Richards AUTOMiST. Carefully placing the iron over the top of the patch and holding it down for several seconds; here I found the AUTOMiST to really come in handy with it's Thermoglass plate, as it meant I could see exactly what I was doing and how the patch was getting on under the heat, similarly to when actually ironing, it means you can spy those pesky creases disappearing in front of you.
After around 2-5 minutes of pressing the patch onto the denim, ensuring that the edges are sealed you should have one sturdy patch.

Once you've repeated the above step with all of your patches, I like to give it a last once over to ensure everything is secured in place, before getting creative with my pins and embellishments.
The pins and badges really are the finishing touches to your personalised denim piece as it adds some serious fun, bling and a 3D-element to your jacket.
I'm already eyeing up these badges from Topshop (1, 2 & 3) and these iron-on patches from Rosy Wonders (1, 2 & 3), something tells me I'll be getting plenty of use out of my new AUTOMiST iron, thats for sure, now where are last years denim shorts at?

Denim Jacket- c/o Stradivarius, Skinny Dip London Patches, Stradivarius Patches & Pins, Top- Archive By Alexa @ M&S, Sunglasses- c/o Lindex

And there we have it, your very own personalised denim jacket, I'm super excited with how it turned out and can't wait to rock it all summer long, I mean how good would this be during festival season...

The Morphy Richrards AUTOMiST iron made this little DIY project seriously easy, I'm particularly impressed with how light the iron was, which I think is due to the fact it's powered by vapour rather than being full of water, making it super easy to glide across my denim jacket. I also really loved the thermoglass soleplate, which let me take a little peek at my patches as they became one with my denim. And, if you're in the market for a new Iron, you can use the ATO25 discount code to get 25% discount on the Morphy Richards Atomist... You can thank me later ;)

What do you think?
I really enjoyed making this kind of post so do let me know if there is anything else DIY/Customise-wise you'd like to see.

x M

*Post sponsored by Morphy Richards, but is a post I've wanted to do for a very long time, words, images and sassy new jacket all my own*


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