Hat- H&M, Shirt, Skirt & Trainers- c/o Pinko, Rings- various c/o Bill Skinner

One of the many things I love about fashion and styling is how unexpected it can be. Here we have three very different pieces; A pinstripe shirt with HUGE cuffs and an oversized fit, a tribal print skirt with exaggerated fringed detailing and a pair of neoprene sneakers with heavy embellishments and the chunkiest of soles. Three pieces that on paper should never be placed near one another but in reality they work pretty darn well indeed.

The neutral tones to the shirt aligned with the busy and down right loud colours of the skirt create a somewhat balancing act, whilst the pale blue tones to the sneakers tie it all together nicely, complimenting the blue within the skirt. You see, clashing is all about finding that common thread; that similar colour running through two or more of the pieces and then throwing in something a little more on the safe side with black, grey or neutrals, which work to tie the whole thing together and cease to make you look *too much* like a crazy person.

This is the kind of look that you can expect to see a lot of from me this spring. Fun skirts, combined with shirting and trainers, of course with a touch of headwear thrown in for good measure, all of which (excluding the hat) are from Pinko, a fairly new brand on my radar but one to keep well in truly at the forefront.
I first heard of Pinko some time around a year ago now, with my knowledge growing when visiting Venice last summer and popping into the store there. It's a truly awesome brand with tonnes of fun pieces just like these three contradictory beauties so I urge you to head on over and take a peek, you won't be disappointed.

x M