The Original Desert Boot

George's Boots, My Boots- c/o Clarks Originals
So here we have the final installment (see the first here) from our collaboration with Clarks Originals and the original desert boots.
This time opting for shades of blue, with my down right adorable aqua blue shade in nubuck leather and George opting for a denim blue in the very classic suede finish, once again, the couples mirroring is very much apparent.

For as long as I can remember Clarks Originals desert boots have been the ultimate in rock n roll footwear (of course ever-so-slightly after the chelsea boot and hi-top black Converse) but to me they are at the essence of northern rock n roll.
Everywhere you look in Manchester, you will see a pair of the trusty, and oh so original desert boots gracing the coolest boys and gals in town. Theres something about the shape, combined with the suede and wide range of colours which makes them so versatile, so accessible yet oh so timeless. They truly work with SO many different looks, instantly adding a little rock n roll va-va-voom and for that, Clarks Originals, I salute you.

x M