Last weekend, my lovely sister Faye and I went on a long over due girly day out.
Shopping, chin wagging and a heck load of eating was on the agenda, with the eating part most definitely being the highlight of the day (shortly followed by a killer pair of Office boots I bought, but more of that in another post ey?)

In the mood for Italian and keen for a mid shopping spree pit stop, we decided to check out the new Vapiano at the Corn Exchange in Manchester.
Having tried Vapiano once before whilst in London, albeit a little on the tipsy side of life, I was looking forward to checking out the latest addition to Manchester's culinary delights, sans alcohol.

Arriving at the brand new restaurant, the bright, airy and down right huge space was one of the first things that struck me about the place; it was extremely laid-back and relaxed with a truly great vibe to the place.
We were seated and handed a Vapiano card, which we used at the various food stations throughout the restaurant. The card is used to tally up what you order, a god send for large groups when it comes to the dreaded bill split, as you only pay for exactly what you ordered, clever ey.

In true Italian style, all of the food was cooked freshly in front of us; antipasti, salad, pizza, pasta and deserts, all freshly prepared before your very eyes with the pizza dough and pasta all made on site that very day. And boy could you tell, with each heavenly mouthful of pure Italian goodness.

Faye and I chose to go for the antipasti platter to start, which consisted of fresh bread, bruschetta, olives and a selection of cured meats... My kind of starter, that's for sure.
We then went to town and each ordered a pasta AND a pizza, it was Saturday after all and we all know that calories don't count on a Saturday, am I right?

I can always rate an Italian based on their Carbonara aka "sin in a bowl", but it's my absolute fave dish and I can honestly say that the Vapiano Spaghetti Carbonara is up there with the greats, if not, THE best, but don't tell George that k?

It's SO great to see the Manchester Corn Exchange housing some truly wonderful eateries and really showcasing such a stunning piece of Manchester's Architecture. If you're ever in Manchester I urge you to head down and check it out, and while you're there head into Vapiano... You will not regret it.

x M


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