You simply can't beat a mid-week day date can ya? Especially one that falls on a particularly sunny day and involves a heck load of Italian food and a cheeky midday tipple... Hello cheeky!

A few weeks back we were invited down to the wonderful Don Giovanni restaurant in Manchester, just on Oxford Road, towards the Manchester Library end, so super easy to get to from the centre of town.
I've often walked past this restaurant and wondered what it was like, so I was rather excited to try it out for myself.

On arrival we were greeted by Enzo, a seriously lovely, warm and charming man who made our time at Don Giovanni seriously super special.
We ordered some wine, and perused the extensive menu of delicious Italian food.

For starters we opted for a lil sharing selection so chose Caprese Salad, Crab Bruschetta and some seafood goodies with Calamari, King Prawns and Whitebait, absolutely delicious.
The thing that struck us the most with the starters was how deliciously fresh each and every dish was. The fish was simply stunning, with incredibly light batter and the perfect dipping sauce, whilst the Crab Bruschetta was one of those dishes that I could have eaten forever, simply perfect.

For our mains, I wanted to try EVERYTHING! So I went for a pizza and a pasta... Ey fatty bum bum, but honestly I was SO spoilt for choice.
George opted for a calzone, which Enzo hilariously called "The Italian Cornish Pasty", it was absolutely huge and filled to the brim with fillings, a great, but HUGE dish indeed.
My pizza, as always, was of the seafood variety with prawns, anchovies and olives, and was real good, with super fresh dough and a tangy tomato base. But what really did it for me was the Lobster Ravioli, holy moly this was incredible. Once again, the pasta was extremely fresh, with the lobster absolutely delicious and the sauce, good lord, the sauce was SO good, I pretty much inhaled it before tackling my huge pizza.

Absolutely stuffed, George and I decided to share a desert and opted for Ice Cream with an esspresso shot poured over the top. Now thats my ideal meal ender right there.

Don Giovanni is the perfect place for a day date; with it's reasonable prices (they even have a seriously good lunch deal) bright and airy restaurant and the friendliest of staff, I'm looking at your Enzo, what more could you ask.

x M


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