Give Yourself A Break

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Happy Easter you beautiful humans. I really, REALLY, do hope you've had the most wonderful of weekends with your family and friends and you've managed to take at least SOME time out for yourself.

You see, last week I decided I was giving myself the entire four day weekend off. Yes, thats right, I am self employed as a full time blogger yet I gave myself four days off... Shock Horror!
And I think you should have to, but if you didn't, it's not too late, lucky for you we have tomorrow off too, so I'm saying STOP, take a moment to think about what it is you have on, and if it can wait until Tuesday, then just do it on Tuesday.

Whether you're a full time blogger too, a student with revision coming out of your ears, a stay at home mum or just a complete devotee to your job, lets just take the day off. Whilst everyone else is enjoying the four day weekend, why should we be slaving over our computers and current projects, we deserve to have time off too, and it definitely does not make you a slacker or any less of a GIRL BOSS (or LAD BOSS) than anyone else.

In a world with so much pressure, so much anxiety and too much damn stress, I think it's SO important to take some time off. Not only is it good for the soul to spend the day in your pyjamas, watching back-to-back episodes of The Walking Dead and eating your weight in left over Mac n Cheese, but it's good for the mind too. I often find myself coming up with my very best of ideas, outfits and projects when I'm taking time out to think about myself; it's natural, that as soon as you switch off for just an hour, your brain starts to relax and you have that all important lightbulb moment.

Each and every one of us puts way too much pressure on ourselves; I've had countless conversations with dear friends of mine who are bemused as to why their page views aren't as high as they were last week, why their Instagram post hasn't hit 1k likes (grrggh algorithm's) and sometimes I feel like shaking them (in the most loving way of course) and saying, does it really matter? We spend SO much time dwelling on the negatives in life to actually sit and appreciate the positives, myself included.

This month I hit 70k on Instagram, a huge personal milestone for me and something I've wanted to hit for some time. But when it came, and I didn't instantly go up to 70.1k I found myself doubting everything... WHY DO WE DO THIS!? It's so silly, but happens all too often.
Hitting that next milestone will come, in time, and as great as it is to set ourselves targets, it's okay if we don't always hit it, lets try and be kind to ourselves ey?

A close family member of mine has recently spent every waking moment in the library, slogging over their dissertation before revision commences for their impending exams. When it came to deadline day and the work they had spent so long perfecting was handed in, I asked them "Sooo how does it feel?" they replied "I'm bored, I can't relax, I don't know what to do with myself"
Now, I completely understand what they mean, you've spent so long doing the same routine every day for four months, and now it's stopped and you're at a loose end, and please do not get me wrong there is nothing more I look for in a friend than dedication, determination and drive, but c'mon guys, enjoy it before the next job comes in.

So, with all that being said, throw on some sassy nightwear, mine are from Boux Avenue and are a little piece of heaven for me in this busy world of which we live, and STAY IN BED! Netflix and Chill has never been so relevant, plus it's Bank Holiday Monday and gurrrl you deserve it!

x M