City Diaries with H&M #MyCityMyStyle

Top, Jacket & Jeans- c/o H&M
Hello from Manchester's Northern Quarter, the quirky, inspirational and down right whacky area in Manchester in which I live.
Manchester's Northern Quarter is one of my favourite parts of my beloved home town, mainly due to the fact it's incredibly inspiring on a number of levels.

Firstly, it's where all the cool kids go, so is brimming with what I believe to be some of the most amazing street style in the UK. Young professionals, students and otherwise each rocking their own individual look, going about their daily life in complete style, there's no pretence here, everything and anything goes and I just love it.
Secondly, the Northern Quarter is home to tonnes of live music; some of my favourite music venues such as Night & Day, The Castle and Gullivers reside here and with live music comes a shed load of inspiration for me. Whether that's style wise, writing wise or simply learning about a new band or song to add to my Spotify playlists; live music within the Northern Quarter is the epitome of inspiration for me.
And finally the numerous coffee shops and cafes within the Northern Quarter provide the perfect location to truly bring that inspiration to life. I love nothing more than getting cosy in a coffee shop with a Black Americano and a pastry of some sort and knuckling down for some work... Yes, Manchester's Northern Quarter truly has it all.

Jacket- c/o H&M,
Top, Jacket & Jeans- c/o H&M
By now I'm sure you're dying to know why I'm whittering on about Manchester and finding inspiration... Well thats because H&M's latest campaign "City Diaries" is a complete celebration of diversity in urban environments. It's all about independent women who are inspired by various cultures and locations within their cities, which they then portray through their style... A concept that is very close to my heart.

This collection includes delicate craftmanships, such as embroidery with details such as tassels, fringing and beading. Feminine styles mixed with a heck load of denim (I mean just look at those jeans *heart eyed emoji*) and prints that transport you straight to the likes of Mexico, it's the perfect spring collection.

For my second load of inspiration, I head to the very beautiful Manchester Central Library... Because duh, where else do you go for inspiration by the gallon? Not only is the Manchester Central Library inspiring for the obvious literature of which it houses, but the building itself is pretty phenomenal. A 1930s design, loosely derived from Rome, it is an incredible dome shaped building with a beautiful entrance of huge stone columns.
I regularly pop down to the library when I'm feeling stuck for inspiration, often opting to sit, as I am in these shots, outside and watch the world go by, plucking inspiration from anywhere I can.

Top & Jeans- c/o H&M
The all new collection from H&M is pretty damn snazzy indeed, with beautiful smock dresses, peasant blouses and of course awesome denim pieces, it truly is the perfect spring collection. I decided to go for this gorgeous cold shoulder top made from shirting fabric, as you know I'm a sucker for feminine pieces with masculine flair. Teaming the top with straight leg jeans with frayed hem detailing and accessoring with my beloved fishermans cap (because it wouldn't by #MyCityMyStyle without it lets face it) and an Ikat jacquard jacket, again from the new H&M collection.

For my third and final inspiration hot spot, and just a short walk from Manchester Central Library is Oxford Road, a super long road absolutely bursting with inspiration.
Whether it's the Manchester Metropolitan students hanging out between lectures or the numerous music venues such as The Manchester Academy and The Deaf Institute, it's bursting to the brim with the coolest of people.
I particularly love this little street, just off Oxford Road, due to the seasonally changing street art, it's wonderfully bright, colourful and of course inspirational to see such talent, I always try to pop by to see the latest works.

I really hope you enjoyed hearing all about my favourite city in all the world, Manchester, and where I discover my inspiration, of course whilst rocking the all new collection from H&M.
But now, it's your turn, head over to my Instagram, to see how you can with a £50 voucher to spend at H&M... GO GO GO!

x M

*Post in collaboration with H&M but words, snazzy product choices and love of Manchester all my own*