Adidas Tee- c/o Blue Rinse Vintage, Trousers- ASOS, Boots- ASOS
Oh Manchester, what a rainy little city you are.
Since moving back home, which I am whole-heartedly loving by the way, the rain has gotten in the way of numerous shoots, activities and general errands, 'cause, even as a born n bred Mancunian, I still have a serious issue with torrential downpour.

That is until you work with another creative; another creative, with another set of eyes and another vision for your shots, and it all falls into place.
The creative in question is the bloody wonderful Lizzy from ShotFromTheStreet, she spotted this foamed coloured scaffolding and we both squealed with excitement for it was the perfect primary coloured location for my sport meets seventies get up, but also provided the perfect shelter from our beloved rainy city.

Bravo Lizzy, Bravo

x M