What's going on?

Hello there you lovely bunch of humans.
I really hope you're all well and all excited for another weekend, whatever it is you're up to.

This Friday, I come bearing news, news that I am sure some of you are already aware of and news that I am sure many of you are wanting to know what the heck happened.
Well, I'm a mind reader don't you know, so here goes...

ASOS_Megan is no more!

I decided to leave ASOS and my alter ego behind, to focus on myself, my blog and my true passions.

It's a scary move, one that I get a little anxious about every now and again, but I am honestly and truthfully so happy, so relieved and a hell of a lot lighter (in the mind sense, unfortunately not the ole body weight sense)
For some time, I've been toying with the idea of going at it alone, for expanding and driving my own little brand. The brand I've spent three years building, loving and working for. Pagesbymegan and @meganellaby are the true, real me. The spaces on the internet where I can truly be myself, joke, laugh, moan and cry... They're my own places, that I created, that I curate and that I decide upon.
When these spaces began to come under attack by bigger forces, and my voice and opinions squashed, then something just had to give.

I have truly loved my time at ASOS, I really have. The role I took on two years ago was my dream role; a stylist for a brand I have whole heartedly loved for the majority of my adult life, the chance to inspire, help and educate young girls and guys on how to express themselves through fashion, I was quite literally living the dream.
Then this role changed... Dramatically and pretty damn quickly. Week in and week out there was something new, something old and something that I had to get to grips with quickly. And please don't get me wrong, I know that that is part-and-parcel of most jobs, taking the good with the bad, and I embraced it for a very long time, even whilst watching my fellow gorgeous stylists drop like flies, their social handles, that they'd worked so hard to build, being discarded and handed to somebody else, I still stuck with ASOS and put my heart and soul into everything I did.

Then the name ASOS Stylists was dropped, and rightly so, we no longer styled anyone but ourselves, so we were to become the ASOS Insiders, creating social content for Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest to inspire our bloody lovely followers.
It was great, snapping beautiful things, places and outfits and sharing them with my ever supportive social community and working with such a wonderful team of creatives.

However, I started to notice a lack in content and therefore growth for my own channels, the channels, as I've said, I'd worked so hard to build.
That, and being extremely busy on lots of exciting projects is the real reason why I decided to leave ASOS (and trust me guys this was a long and hard decision to make) in order to give my all to my own little space, my wonderful and trusty readers and to truly put my heart into every piece of content I create.
It's a very exciting time for me; I'm back in Manchester, in a beautiful flat with the man of my dreams and doing what I whole-heartedly lurrrrve to do,
And although I have a lot to thank ASOS for, this year is about ME, everything I do will be for myself and the people I love... And you lot most definitely fall under that bracket.

So now you know.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your support, love and well wishes and heres to new and exciting things for all of us, surrounded by positivity, love and lots and lots of fun!

x M


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