Hat- ASOS, Top & Culottes- c/o Brand Attic, Boots- ASOS, Bee Ring- c/o Bill Skinner

I am very excited to share this look with you. Why? I hear you ask. Well, I'll bloody well tell y'all why...

These boots, as you may have noticed from this post, I am having a HUGE love affair with of late.
In fact, they've come up in my dreams on multiple occasions, but they're a rather tricky piece to style if you're not braving the whole bare-legs-in-February thang, which sadly rules out wearing them with my beloved sixties mini's.

In steps the culotte... A piece I've neglected now for some time, deeming them for those beautifully tall and scandi-esque; However, these little beauties by Fashion Union at Brand Attic are the perfect length and shape to let my beloved boots do some serious talking.
That is until you team the snake print dreamboats with a stripey and oh so pink and glittery top, again from Brand Attic, and you've got yourself a bit of a fashion standoff for the talking point top spot.

x M

P.S stay tuned for a very exciting announcement coming later this week!