Bomber Jacket, Jumper, Jeans & Boots- c/o New Look

I'm currently writing this post from my bed, having been dosed up on hot Lemsip's and cold & flu tablets, because it just wouldn't be January without my yearly case of the flu now would it...

But cold and flu's aside, January is all about comfort. We've all over indulged throughout December and it's time to get our bums in gear. Whether that be through detoxing (not for me), exercising or some much needed retail therapy (deffo for me), January is all about making ourselves feel better and escaping those impending January Blues.

So to combat those January Blues I headed to New Look where I stocked up on the ultimate wardrobe staples, especially when it comes down to comfort and simple styling. I selected a classic high neck jumper in a cloth so soft, it feels like you're wearing your pyjamas (always a winner), teaming that with a bomber jacket in a longline shape which adds a fun twist to such a classic style.
All tied up with my must have essentials all year round but particularly in January; a good ole pair of black skinny jeans and suede chelsea boots, because it's good to start the new year as you mean to go on, and that is surgically attached to old favourites such as these, who's with me?

x M

P.S Apologies for the other January essential in the form of rain... Thats good ole Manchester for ya.