Citizen M Hotel Review: Charles De Gaule, Paris

So as you observant bunch will already know, almost two weeks ago now I headed to Paris for a couple of days with my beautiful friend Hayley, before meeting George for a trip to Disney Land, but more of that in another post.

For one night of our stay, we opted for the Citizen M hotel at Charles De Gaule, which is in the most perfect of locations, right by the airport. If any of you are flying to Paris late at night, or flying long haul with a layover in Paris, or perhaps on business by the Airport, I'd deffo recommend the Citizen M; with it's clear sign posts throughout the airport, guiding you straight to the front door of the awesome hotel, it's more than convenient.
However, a little disclaimer here, we did decide to move from the Citizen M due to wanting to be closer to the centre of Paris, a 45 minute train journey to and from, twice a day wasn't working out all too well for our trip.

However, despite that, and in true Citizen M style the hotel did not disappoint; with it's super fun, quirky and down right eccentric decor, it is most definitely my kind of place to stay.
With every turn of the modern lobby, there are knic-knacks, ornaments and rather random bric-a-brac and books; large bookcases filled with the most beautiful pieces, I spent a fair bit of time getting lost in their wonderfulness.
The bar offers an awesome array of drinks, including cocktails, coffees and more, with the breakfast being super simple, yet super yummy with fresh bread, cheese, eggs and meats.

Now on to the rooms; with each room being the same as the next, it's a truly great concept. Each room is decked out in white, with a rather space-age kinda aesthetic to it. With lighting for every mood, including settings such as "sexy" (hubba hubba), "relaxation", "disco" and "movie" no matter what it is you're getting up to in your room, theres a light setting for you, I mean, what more could you want from a hotel room.
Now for the bed, ahhh the bed! Usually when staying in hotels, I want to sneak out the dressing gowns and the toiletries* but with the Citizen M, it's all about sneaking that big-ass bed into my bag, I mean just look at it... It's bloody ginormous.
I spent my first evening at the Citizen M starfishing on my own, taking full advantage of the HUGE array of movies on offer with each room. Me, being me, and with heading to Disney Land two days later, I chose Disney Pixars Inside Out, a film I've seen a fair few times but love all the same.

So there we have it, the Citizen M Paris; my second Citizen M experience (read about my first one here), which was just as good as the first.


*No things were stolen in the making of this post, nor would they ever be... Just sometimes wish I had Mary Poppins bag... If you know what I mean ;)


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