Waking up with Desmond & Dempsey

Pyjamas- c/o Desmond & Dempsey

Hi, my name is Megan and I'm addicted to pyjamas.

Like SRSLY, my pyjama drawer is probably the best stocked drawer in my bedroom.
You know the drawers you have to slam hard and quick in order to close them, only to get something stuck and fight to get it open again... Well yeah, thats my nightwear drawer.

But something rather special happened to said drawer a few weeks back, something that, in all honesty I've been searching for, for some time, and that my friends was a set of Desmond & Dempsey PJ's.

Desmond & Dempsey are a brand that I've coveted for some time now. A brand that has a real background, a real story and a real love.

The founders, Desmond & Dempsey grew up on opposite sides of the world, one in England and one in Australia; only bumping into one another in Canada... Of all the places.
After heading back to their respected countries and after Skype call after Skype call, they were reunited back in England, this time for good.

Molly Dempsey loved to wear Joel Desmond's shirts to bed... I mean it's the sexiest and most comfortable kind of nightwear after all, which gave them the idea for Desmond & Dempsey.

They set to work, using Joel's shirt, to create and tailor one especially for Molly. Using unique prints the best cottons and a whole lotta love, they've created a brand that is truly special, a brand that my pyjama drawer was crying out for.
I'm almost half tempted to ditch the rest of my drawer in favour of more D&D sets such as this, this, this oh and this.

I hope you all had a truly wonderful Christmas spent with your loved ones and a heck load of food and prosecco. I'm currently nursing two days worth of food babies... So these pyjamas, with their expandable waist band are very much needed right about now.

x M