Top Five Albums of 2015

So here we are two days before the New Year arrives, how the heck did that happen?

This year had been the best year of my life so far (but more on that on 1st January ey) particularly when it comes to music. I finally gave in and downloaded Spotify, and lets face it, that is life changing stuff right there, and made a fair dent into my vinyl collection.

So with all that in mind, I thought it was about time I shared with you the albums I've been loving this year. Music is a HUGE part of my life, and I'm not sure that is something that you guys know, so I'm hoping this can be an ongoing monthly thing so do let me know your thoughts and ENJOY!

Discovering Newbies;

So first up, I discovered a fair few brand new artists and bands this year such as Blossoms and Hello Operator; but with albums being released in 2016, my fave new albums of this year have to go to Slaves and Pins.

First up Pins, a badass punk band from Manchester. Made up of four absolute mega babes, their debut album Wild Nights has been one of my most played of the year, according to the Spotify 2015 feature.

I've been lucky enough to catch them live twice this year, once at Brighton's Great Escape Festival and once at an intimate headline gig in London. Both times they were out of this world awesome and made me sick with envy that I'm not half as cool as them.
The ultimate girl gang, fave songs of theirs include Baby Bhangs, Dazed By You and Got It Bad, with each of them having a real raw and punk vibe to them, deffo ones to get on board with now, they're gonna be HUGE next year I can feel it.

And now for Slaves, a band that I've seen seven time this year alone, with each gig better than the last. Their debut album Are You Satisfied is my ultimate album for when I'm in a grump; it's loud and heavy enough to really shake me up and release some anger, but they're fun and cheeky lyrics always manage to pull me out of myself and into a better mood by the time the final track Sugar Coated Bitter Truth has finished.

As well as being one of my top albums for 2015 Slaves are most definitely my top live acts of the year. If there was one band I'd recommend you to see live it would be Slaves; they're hilarious, energetic and ridiculously cool, all while being seriously, seriously tight. Slaves are a double act not to be missed.

Rediscovering Oldies;

Being a huge music fan, I absolutely love meeting other people with the same passion for music as I; particularly when it means they can offer me some wonderful musical recommendations.

Both my dad and boyfriend introduced me to Bob Dylan, my dad from a very young age but more specifically Blonde On Blonde was reintroduced to me this year by George. By far Bob's best album in my opinion, so if you're looking to get into and listen to a bit of Bob Dylan, then give Blonde on Blonde a listen for sure.

My all time fave songs from the album include, I Want You, Just Like A Woman and One Of Us Must Know.

Next up we have the wonderful David Bowie and his album Hunky Dory. I've given this album a fair bit of air time this year and am more in love with it now than ever before.
Kooks is my absolute favourite song of all time, as not only does it remind me of my dad and my lovely George, but it also has the most beautiful story behind the lyrics, and as a lyrics-kinda-gal, it most definitely resonates with me, please please please give it a whirl!

And finally Crosby Stills and Nash, a band that I would have moaned at from the back of my dads care whilst growing up; "Turn this old man music off" or something of that nature. But this year I've seriously gotten into them, particularly the self titled album Crosby Stills and Nash.

My top tracks include Marrakesh Express, a song that reminds me of trips to the seaside during the summer, with the roof down, singing our little hearts out beside one another, and The Suite: Judy Blue Eyes, which again is a fave of my dads but that also reminds me of our trip to NYC and a serious cheese and wine night in Greenwich Village.


So there we have it, my top five albums from 2015, both old and new. I really hope you enjoyed this post and found some new music for your ears. I've added each album to a Spotify playlist if you'd like to take a listen, just click the link below and please do let me know your thoughts on this post along with your faves from the past year... You now know I'm a sucker for new music.

x M


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