On Board @AirFranceUK

Happy 1st December Folks!

Oh how I love this time of year, I've been pining after Christmas for the past two months now, so the fact it's finally December and therefore acceptable to talk/sing/buy & look all Christmassy is really rather spiffing indeed.
One thing that has made me more festive than anything else this year, and trust me I am full of it, was visiting the magical city of New York!
Oh what a place to visit at this time of year, it just screams festive cheer and I am SO sad to be back home so quickly; We spent a whole week in the beautiful city, but more of that to come very soon.

Anyway, back to this post and the wonderful Air France team.
I flew to New York, via Paris with the airline Air France, a fantastic airline that provides, comfort, style and several friendly faces from the lovely and attentive air stewards and hostesses on board. There was something about this airline that was much younger, fun and dare I say fashionable than any other airline I'd travelled with before; I mean just look at this super cute, tongue-in-cheek flight safety video from Air France, such an fun and young take on a safety video that we've seen oh so many times before, a great way to get me listening and absorbing the information thats for sure.

Each passenger on the flight was provided with a pillow and a blanket on arrival to their seats which was a really nice touch, with the flight offering one hot meal and one snacking/breakfast style meal during the flight... Not enough for me personally, but I guess thats a very different story all together (Oink Oink)

Minus a minor delay in Paris, my flight with Air France was extremely enjoyable. On the way to New York from Paris I had two seats to myself which was an absolute dream, meaning the already spacious leg room was doubled and I was able to space out my belongings, including inflight beauty (post coming soon), books, laptop and more throughout my journey to the Big Apple.
Once I'd finished faffing with my personal belongings I began to have a flick through the inflight entertainment which, I must say, was truly awesome! With tonnes of brand new movie releases I was seriously spoilt for choice, opting for Paper Towns, Mad Max and a good few episodes of my fave, Modern Family to keep me occupied during my flight.

I had such a great journey both to and from NYC and will most definitely be recommending and travelling with Air France again in the near future.

x M