Happy Birthday Kickers! #MyKickers #KickHi40th

Bomber Jacket- ASOS White, Jumper- c/o Genevieve Sweeney (Get free delivery with code "meganxGS"), Flares- c/o Warehouse, Bag- House of Holland c/o My Bag, Kickers- c/o KICKERS

Can you bloody believe it!?
I've been wearing Kickers pretty much since I learnt to walk so it's hard to believe that such a boot, that seems so new, so current and connotes such fun-filled childhood memories from just 20 years ago (I'm 23 FYI) is, in fact 40 whole years old... Mental ey!?

I remember being around 4 and my sister, around 2 or 3 and us both knocking about in Kickers Kick Hi Boots. Mine pillar box red and Faye's a dusty pale pink shade, so to have a new pair in my Kickers Repertoire (I also have a rad metallic heeled pair) is pretty wonderful indeed.

To celebrate the Kickers Kick Hi Boot's birthday, I present to you the limited edition Denim Kick Hi... HOW DIVINE ARE THESE!?
I am literally obsessed with them and the fact that I can now do double, triple and even quadruple denim in ways I never thought would ever be possible. But fear not, you too can get your mitts on the all new Denim Kick Hi's over on www.kickers.co.uk from 2nd December.

So Happy Birthday to my lifelong pal, you've had a good run and to be fair, we've had a pretty good run ourselves... Here's to another 40 years and being the coolest Nan in town!

x M

*Post In Collaboration With Kickers but nostalgia, love and words all my own*