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Why hello there and happy freaking Friday!!!!

Today we have something a little different from the usual pagesbymegan malarky, and to be completely honest it's something I've wanted to do for a LONG time.
As y'all know I'm from Manchester aka the best city in all the world,  yet I am currently living in London.
Manchester completely and utterly has my heart and it occurred to me that I talk a lot on this blog and on my social channels about London and the things I'm visiting, doing and loving about the capital, but never about Manchester... My one true love.

So here we have a little guide to the BEST shopping in Manchester. You can head to The Arndale Centre or Market Street for a huge selection of awesome high street stores, but for me, Manchester is the best when it comes to vintage and independent boutiques that just so happen to all be in one, easy to navigate area.

Use this as a guide to the best shopping in Manchester; Manchester's Northern Quarter is full of the weird, the wonderful and the down right awesome and I'd like to thank Premier Inn for FINALLY getting my bum in gear to write a piece of my favourite Manchester shopping destination... ENJOY! 

Oxfam Originals

Having volunteered in this very shop when I was 15 I know all too well about the awesome finds within Oxfam Originals.
Not your typical charity shop; this store is a highly curated charity shop, selecting only the best, on trend vintage pieces to make browsing all the more enjoyable. 
Whilst working there I managed to bag vintage Dior, Burberry, Fred Perry and Moschino so trust me, it's a must have for you designer lovers! 

Pop Boutique

Pop boutique have stores throughout the country but for me, the Manchester store is the best one I've visited. It's a retro time warp of awesome clothing, furniture and bric a brac, the perfect place for a good rummage.
Pop boutique is the place I head to when I'm after a particular sixties piece; with their own brand reworked pieces it's hard to leave empty handed.


You city girls will be all too aware of Magma, the holy Mecca of book shops and definitely one of my favourite places to visit when I'm back in town.
Everything for fashion, graphics, photography, art and more, it's the perfect pitstop for any creative.


For me, cow is the number one when it comes to vintage stores.
Newly renovated the store is like no ordinary vintage store.
Beautifully laid out into style, trends and more, you'll easily find exactly what you're looking for and a little bit more, sorry bout it.

Blue Rinse

One of the newer vintage stores in the area but definitely one of the best. Blue rinse offers awesome men's and womenswear vintage pieces with a serious highlight being their choice of prints. 
Leopard print, stripes, polka dots, paisley and most recently my love of star print is all catered to within this one store. 
Prices can be a little hit and miss but after a good rummage you'll be leaving with a little gem of a bargain trust me.

Oi Polloi

The holy grail of men's boutiques Oi Poloi is a Manchester institution, a place where the coolest fellas in town head to for their fix of brands, carefully selected for the modern yet seriously style obsessed man.
A beautifully curated shop with no attention to detail spared.
You can find a huge variety of brands and, if menswear isn't you bag ladies, deffo head their for some eye candy, it's pretty impossible to leave without spotting a serious hottie or two... You can thank me later ;)

Afflecks Palace

An Aladdins Cave of all things vintage and retro with a little bit of modern goodness thrown in for good measure.
Afflecks palace is five floors of independent boutiques and stores offering anything from vintage clothing, records, furniture, food, fancy dress and even arts and crafts. If you want it, Afflecks Palace will have it, of course the weirder the better where Afflecks is involved.


So there we have it, my guide to shopping in Manchester.
The Northern Quarter really does have this awesome buzz about it and the shopping is like nothing I've ever seen before, so I promise you, you won't be disapointed.

Do let me know if you ever use this guide to shopping in Manchester as I'd love to know your thoughts.

x M

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