Ketchup or Mayo with Henry London

My Watch- The Chiswick c/o Henry London, Faye's Watch- The Highgate c/o Henry London

Meet Faye, my beautiful little sister. My best and first friend and quite frankly, the most wonderful human being on the planet. 
When asked by Henry London if I'd like to gift my sister a personalised watch, I of course jumped at the chance.

Faye's been there for me from the beginning and is my rock through the good and through the bad. She was the photographer to this very blog for the first year whilst I got it off the ground and to give her a little personalised gift to say thank you, well that's just bloody marvellous. 

Like all siblings, Faye and I have A LOT of inside jokes, memories and little sayings that nobody else can even try to understand. So when we sat down and thought about the personalisation for our beautiful Henry London watches, well, let's just say it took a long time to figure out the perfect word, saying or phrase.

Eventually opting for Ketchup & Mayo, two condiments that are completely opposite but work so well together, just like Faye and I. And more simply than that, I will always opt for the ketchup and Faye for Mayo, so it was the perfect duo to add to our watches. 

Henry London is a new brand, that offers the most beautiful of watches. Each watch has that much coveted masculine style to it, something that is key for me when it comes to wrist wear. 
Each collection within the Henry London repertoire is named after an area of London, which I think is such a gorgeous touch. 
I opted for The Chiswick in gold and olive green, whilst Faye chose The Highgate with black leather strap with silver finishing, another clear difference between Faye and I, I love gold, whilst she is silver through and through. 

After too long apart, Faye popped down to London for a weekend of fun. Doing what we do best, Faye and I headed out for some brunch and took our matching watches out for their first spin, so what do you think? Pretty snazzy eh? 
The perfect piece to add some masculine flair and interest to any look.

I'd really like to thank Henry London for giving me the opportunity to FINALLY introduce Faye to my blog, it's been a long time coming and something I'm excited to do more of. 

x M