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Ey up you lovely bunch, it's been a while hasn't it, sorry bout it. I've been super busy as of late working on some awesome projects, chilling with my family in beautiful Italy and just generally having a jolly good time. But here we go, I'm back and this time for good.

And with my mini hiatus and my return to the blog, comes a little update post. A lot has changed this year, all for the better might I add, but I realised recently that I have never addressed this on here, on Instagram or on my Twitter account. But today, I'm delving a little bit deeper and sharing some more personal things that have taken place over the year so far. Sharing for myself and of course so you guys know what the heck is going on.

So, let's start with the beginning of the year. A huge change, a change that was a LONG time coming that's for sure.
For the last few months of 2014 I was seriously miserable! I was living for somebody else, I'd put my happiness on hold for the sake of someone else and I wasn't doing the things I wanted to do and something most definitley had to give.
After a quiet Christmas and some much needed space away with my family, I returned to London and made a change.

I broke up with the person I'd spent the majority of my adult life with and started to live a little more for me. Which was most definitely the best decision I've probably ever made. I don't want to go in to too much detail as to what had happened and why as that's irrelevant now. But I know that he used to feature on my channels and even on here sometimes so thought I owed it to you all to explain, if just a little bit.

So I moved out of the flat we shared together and in with my good friend Sedge and spent the summer visiting Greece, Istanbul, Portland and Italy whilst having the most wonderful time with the best friends I've ever had.
Abbie, Carmen, Lauren and Lindsey are four of the most incredible women I've ever met and I'm so lucky to call them my best friends, we've had such a hilarious few months together and I honestly do not know what I would have done without them!

I've also fallen head over heels in love with my boyfriend, George. Someone who I've been pals with for 5 years and fancied the pants off for 8, so I am pretty much living in dreamland right about now and have him to thank for my constant smile and overbearing happy state... Sorry bout it.

So now I'm back to my usual happy self, I decided to make a huge leap into something I've wanted to do for a very long time indeed... Full time blogging.

Well kind of full time, I'm still manning my ASOS_Megan Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest feeds whilst making regular video content for their YouTube channel but I can do all of that from home, only popping into ASOS HQ two times a month.... BUZZING!
I am so excited to spend more time focusing on my blog which is my absolute passion and something I really love doing. It means I can create beautiful content with my awesome photographer and good friend Amber, who, had a huge part to play with me being able to step into full time blogging. Her photography has transformed my blog and I cannot thank her enough for that. We're a little dream team and I'm excited to see where we go and what we do together in the next few months.

And so, with all that covered, and with the leap into full time blogging I thought it was about time that I showed some love to my little space on the Internet. So in comes a shiny new layout designed by the awesome Cat from Gatto Web. Nothing too different, as I want my site to remain to be super easy to use and easy for you guys to scroll through and enjoy, the way I like to read other people's blogs, but this time with a slight upgrade and a much sleeker finish. Cat truly listened to my every want and need and came up with such a beautifully simple yet stunning design for PagesByMegan and I would whole heartedly recommend her for any layouts/design work you may need doing. What do you think of it ey? 

So with love, friendships and work all covered, I now need your help.
I want to know what you like about PagesByMegan. What are your fave posts? What are your least favourite posts? What would you like to see, know, do with PagesByMegan? I want to know every little detail from you lovely lot so I can make my little space all the more enjoyable for you, as you've all made this past year absolutely incredible for me. Enabling me to have some truly amazing experiences and just being all round top huns.
Any little idea or detail big or small on a postcard please hunsssss!

So there we go, a little, yet v wordy (it was extremely hard to write all of this down) summary of where I'm at with my life, love, work and more! 

I really hope you enjoyed this post and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do let me know what you'd like to see more of.


x M

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