#30DaysOfDenim Week 1

Shirt, Tshirt, Jeans- All Levi's
Jacket, Tshirt, Jeans- All Levi's

Sweatshirt, Jeans- Levi's
Blouse, Jeans- Levis
Sweatshirt, Jeans- Levi's
Happy Monday... PHA unheard of ey!?
I am currently nursing a HUGE cup of green tea and trying to get my act together after a heavy weekend at LFW, it doesn't half take it out of me.

But here we go, if you've been keeping up to date with me on Instagram you'll know that I've been rocking a whole load of Levi's lately, but if you haven't (shame on you) here we have week 1 of my #30DaysOfDenim with Levi's, this is to celebrate the truly awesome new Lot700 womenswear range.
We've all heard of the famous Levi 501's, but those are actually from the Lot500 which is in fact the mens collection, us women have never had our very own Lot of jean... Until now.

So to celebrate Levi's have challenged me to wear their denim for 30 whole days which kicked off last week with a very exciting feature in Grazia magazine (can I get a whoop whoop!?) and will run for the next month.
Basically I'll be doing a heck load of "firsts" throughout the month, such as my much needed first coffee of the morning, my first slouchy Sunday (In a bloody long time) along with my first time roller skating and going to the cinema on my own all whilst rocking some bad ass denim from Levi's... Stay tuned.

x M