Rosie For Autograph Lingerie at M&S

Bra & Briefs- c/o Rosie For Autograph at M&S

So lets start by getting the elephant out of the room shall we! Here we have me, prancing around in beautiful underwear... Not something I thought I'd ever be doing on the internet...SorryBoutIt but I really wanted to show you just how beautiful these bras fit, and I guess it's just like wearing a bikini AMIRIGHT!?

Anyhoo, these BEAUTIFUL lingerie sets are by the truly stunning Rosie Huntington-Whitely and her range with Autograph at M&S.
Now, they don't leave me looking like that complete worldie (unfortunately) but they do make me feel pretty damn awesome.
The rose lace, the silk trims and the vintage inspired bralet are what I call the holy grail of undies.
I have a rather small bust and definitely like it that way so padded bras just aren't for me, however, I often find that the traingle style "fashion" bras just aren't comfortable and don't give my nungas the support they need.
These little beauties though, with their bralet style shape are just the ticket and leave me feeling both supported, sassy and of course, sexy.
The briefs too are a fantastic fit but lets face it, nobody really wants to see my ass now do they!

x M

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