#PickYourPerfectPair Take 2

Bandana- ASOS, Shirt- c/o Hollister, Jeans- c/o Hollister, Boots- ASOS

Photos by Amber-Rose Photography (check out her awesome work here)

This post should really have been titled Rips & Rip Offs...

Okay so this is slightly awkward, and I know what y'all thinking... "I've seen this look somewhere before". And yes, you are correct, you've seen a very similar look on Amy... Awks!
Life is suitably chaotic right now, which means I've not been able to keep tabs on all my fave blogs, and you guessed it, Amy is one of them, so much so she's threatened me with a restraining order (plz no!)

So with a bit of time to spare last night, I checked out a few of my faves and rolled around laughing at how I'd basically ripped off Amy's denim look unintentionally... I guess denim and bandanas are in right now? Thank god I wasn't wearing my usual Ray Ban sunglasses, or then things could have really gotten weird...SOZ hun!

Anyhooooooo enough abour serial stalkers and more about DENIM! This is part two of my denim love-in with Hollister (see part one right hur), this time with these seriously distressed boyfriend jeans that have been my holy grail of denim pieces of late. The fit is like nothing else and I practically feel like I'm running round London in my pyjamas whenever I wear them, v comfy indeed.

x M

*Post in collaboration with Hollister but my accidental outfit stealing and opinions are all mine bbz*