New Bedroom Details

Pineapple Lamp- c/o Urban Outfitters, Cacti- Ikea, Cage- Tiger, Paddywax Rose Gold Candle- c/o Urban Outfitters, Pineapple Dish- Debenhams (sold out, similar here), Plant- Colombia Flower Market, Pomegranate Noir Candle- c/o Jo Malone,  Lantern- Tiger
Plant- Ikea, Coaster- Market in Greece, Lamp- c/o Asda Home (sold out, similar here), Book- c/o Urban Outfitters
Stag Head- c/o Urban Outfitters, French Bull Dog- Gift, Candle- c/o Jo Malone, Throw- c/o Asda Home

Various Books- Gifts and c/o Urban Outfitters, Plant- Gift, Slippers- c/o Sorel Footwear
Grey Cushions- Ikea, Striped Cushions- Ikea, Eye Print Cushion- c/o Urban Outfitters (sold out), Geo Print Cushion- Ikea, Throw- c/o Asda Home

Candle- Portland Gift Shop, Glass Terrarium- c/o Urban Outfitters (sold out, similar here & here)

Stag Head- c/o Urban Outfitters, Candle- c/o Jo Malone, French Bull Dog- Gift 

Oh HEY Lovers,
I hope you all had a good weekend, it flew by way too quickly if you ask me!

So as some of you may, or most likely may not know, back in May I moved out of my old flat and into a newbie with my good pal Sedge, in what we like to call our babe pad.
Oh how things can change in a year, my life has been completely flipped on it's head, I've been up, I've been down but now I'm higher than ever and cannot tell you how happy I am, but more on that very soon I promise.

So with a change of scenery and following the success of my last flat tour post which you can take a little peek of here, I thought it would be nice to share a few details from my new room. It's a small but seriously cosy room and I'm really happy with how it's turned out.
I am pretty much cordoned in by THREE rails of clothes which I promise to share with you when they have some form of organisation to them, but it's the ultimate room for relaxing and I've honestly never been happier here in my new little space.

I was Pinning like a gooden before the move so found TONNES of interior inspo for my lil room, (follow me here) and ended up going for a neutral palette of monochrome with hints of rose gold, brown and green, throwing in a subtle retro seventies vibe throughout. It's my little haven, a place where I go to completely relax and wind down after a super busy week at work.

Similarly to my last flat move, I headed straight for Urban Outfitters to check out their awesome home range, and oh how they did not disappoint.
The highlights have got to be my little plant collection, super calming and beautiful, a bitch to maintain but it's definitely something I'm working on (I've killed two so far R.I.P Spider Plant.)
However, the Pineapple lamp from Urban Outfitters is my absolute favourite piece (other than my bed of course) I mean, how cute is it, leaving a gorgeous muted green light throughout my room when lit!

My books, candles (especially the good ole Pomegranate Noir by Jo Malone) and super seventies faux sheepskin rug are other strong faves of mine which make my room all the more personal to me and provide me with some serious inspiration for my day to day jobbing and blogging life.

So there we have it, a little insight into my space, but I promise this is just the beginning. I have some other exciting interior posts in mind but would love to know what your thoughts are and if there is anything in-particular you would like to see?

x M

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