The Fifth Label

Sweatshirt- The Fifth Label c/o Urban Outfitters, Skirt- c/o Urban Outfitters, Shoes- ASOS, Sunglasses- c/o Red Hot Sunglasses

Howdy folks, how are we all? Anyone else absolutely MELTING in this insane, freak heat wave? I simply cannot hack it. Thankfully I'm jetting off to Istanbul tomorrow, which, granted will be even hotter but at least they have pools, beaches and you can walk around half naked at a hotel.

Anyway, this skirt, I know, has been surgically attached to my body since it arrived a few weeks back. I just simply cannot get enough of it, it's my dream denim wash, the fit is awesome and those super cute pockets melt my heart every time I see them, so yeah, there's my justification for wearing it ALL THE FREAKING TIME!
It is the perfect piece to team with literally errrthang, but best when teamed with stripes dontcha think?

This lil striped baby is by the latest Aussie brand on my radar The Fifth Label; I've heard a wee bit here and there about these guys and I'm absolutely digging each and every collection they launch. The latest The Fifth Label at Urban Outfitters collection is simply gorgeous, super minimal yet with really cool prints and pieces that have got me coming over in hot sweats.
Cool prints and pieces aside, naturally I went for my good ole fave stripes... Honestly my striped collection is getting a bit out of hand.

Yes, I'm away from tomorrow but fear not there are lots of posts coming your way and there is always Instagram right?

x M