I’m Ditching My Dark Locks – & Tackling a Whole New Multi-Tone! #LIVELookbook

I've got some exciting news for y'all today: I'm taking part in the next Schwarzkopf LIVE #LIVELookbook campaign- and I can't tell you how buzzing I am for it!

Following the success of the last campaign (which you can catch here if you missed it)- not to mention how awesome the shots, adverts, overall campaign and my hair were- I'm really excited to create a whole new look to carry me through the rest of the year.

As a mousy brown kinda girl, it's important for me to add some tone, colour and life into my hair for different seasons: darker in the winter and lighter in the summer.
Late last winter saw me taking the plunge and going for a gorgeous Multi-tone red do, but this time I have a whole new trick up my sleeve... BRONDE!

Both the beauty and the downfall of having mousy brown hair, it that although it is easy to change as and when I want to, it does fade rather easily and I have the constant battle of roots. I mean who doesn't? So I'm thinking Bronde is the perfect hair colour for me as it gives me a light brown-blonde colouring that will keep my roots at bay, as well as giving me a really natural look that is perfect for both work and play.
Not to mention that I've seen Bronde hair on the likes of Alexa Chung and Rosie Huntington- Whiteley to name a few.

How exciting ey? I'm really excited to share my hair journey with you lot once again and to work with the awesome Schwarzkopf LIVE team, picking up some hints and tips to share with you of course...Stay tuned.

x M

*Post in Collaboration with Schwarzkopf but all views my own and all that and I am SRSLY excited about my new do*

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