Thessaloniki Gastro Tour: #BlogTrottersGR

Oh HEY, we're back with day two of our BlogTrotters trip to Thessaloniki, do check out my first post all about the gorgeous lil city right here.
Similarly to day one, day two was again spent exploring! We were up bright and early and treated to a tour of the city... But not just any tour... A gastro tour, my tummy is rumbling at the sheer thought of it.

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The weather today was somewhat cloudy, which, at first was a seriously devastating blow, but what quickly turned out to be a god send as we were exploring the city for the entire day and the cooler weather was definitely needed.

The windy streets of Thessaloniki are laced with the most delicious of restaurants, cafes, specialist food shops and stalls with both the smells and colours accompanying them perfectly.
Wandering on through the streets of Thessaloniki, it was, again, seriously hard not to fall in love with the place. The colours, the architecture and the sheer charm of the place were simply astounding.

Popping into cafes, shops, and market stalls, sampling the fine food and meeting the locals it was definitely one of the highlights of my trip.
We were shown around by Thessaloniki walking tours and they were awesome for truly showing off Thessaloniki and it's foody vibe to a T.

Sunglasses- Rayban c/o Red Hot Sunglasses, Tshirt- c/o Urban Outfitters, Skirt- c/o Urban Outfitters, Trainers- Converse

One of the true highlights of the day was meeting this geezer. He had worked on this stand since he was a teenager, where it started as a humble watermelon shop and had now transformed itself into one of Thessaloniki's most loved shops, specialising in all things Greek.
We were shown photographs of him way back when the stand first started (see 5th image down) which well and truly melted my little heart, that and the fact he served us Ouzo at 11am in the morning, he is my kinda lad!


So that's it for day two, we of course went out afterwards for some scrummy dinner and delicious drinks as our little gastro tour experience really allowed us 45 bloggers to bond in the most amazing way. You can see just Hayley & Javi above, but the awesome people I met on this trip truly made the experience what it was, but more of that in my third and final post.

Stay tuned.

x M

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