On the last bank holiday of May, myself and Abbie headed down to Kensington for a vegetarian feast in celebration of #NationVegetarianWeek at Zaika of Kensington.
Neither myself, nor Abbie are vegetarians so we were extremely intrigued to try out a menu that boasted, "An Evening full of Instagrammable Indian Delights"... And boy was it Instagrammable!

We were greeted by the most incredible and attentive staff ever, they made us feel like the only people in the extremely busy restaurant and explained each and every course in great detail.
With each course came a carefully selected wine to accompany the meal, which was something myself and Abs had never experienced before and felt oh so swish doing so.

The setting was simply beautiful, an incredibly luxurious restaurant accompanied by the most delicious food.
Four courses of mouth watering Indian food and fantastic wines. With each mouthful and each course better than the last, we had the most incredible time and experience and left feeling seriously stuffed and contemplating vegetarianism (honestly we did NOT miss the meat one bit) and of course a wee bit tipsy after tasting Zaika's delicious cocktails.

If you are ever in beautiful Kensington and fancy both a luxurious meal and experience then I would wholeheartedly recommend Zaika for both it's food and it's hospitality.

x M

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