Zoeva Rose Gold Brush Set

In this industry, some things are really over hyped within the media and it's super hard to know what is actually worth buying in to. Zoeva Rose Gold brush sets have definitely been one of those over the past few months, popping up on everybody's Instagram feeds, featuring in Monthly Favourites & Get Ready With Me videos on YouTube and finally here onto PagesbyMegan.

This bladdy gorgeous set of brushes came into my life a few weeks ago and honestly I've never looked back. My beloved Real Techniques brushes have been banished to my plant pot of make up brushes and these into the forefront of my make up bag.
They're not only beautiful to look at they work amazingly to apply my day to day and evening make up looks. They're super thick and dense which allows them to glide across my face, distributing my make up flawlessly.

My personal faves are the 102. Silk Finish brush which is simply perfect for applying foundation, the 110. Face Brush which I use to apply concealer; it's the perfect little shape and size to use under my eyes and along my nose. And finally in my top three brushes is the 127. Luxe Sheer Cheek, the most beautiful brush to glide across your cheek bones, whether that's with blush or bronze.

Finally a well deserved hyped product!

x M

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