Missguided x The Great Escape Festival Report- Part1

Dungarees & Tshirt- c/o Missguided


The White House Hotel, Bedford Street, Brighton

The Cribs


The Vaccines

The Garden

Howdy partners, how the heck are you? I'm back from the BEST weekend in Brighton at The Great Escape Festival, and now I'm feeling like summer has officially started, even if I am writing this from my desk, peering out of the window to rain... But you get my drift.

I popped to Brighton to catch a heck load of bands that were performing as a part of The Great Escape Festival and oh what a weekend we had. I thought I'd do a couple of photo diaries from my weekend away and this is numero uno... ENJOY!

Lets start with my oufit ey; Kitted out in Missguided, last week I gave you guys a sneak peek (here) and mentioned how I was going for some Chung vibes in dungarees, stripes and chucks and oh what a good idea this was. Thursday was CHUCKING it down so a simple outfit like this was definitely needed. Accessorising with a fedora and faux leather jacket to shelter myself from the rain, it was the perfect first day look to explore Brighton in.

Our first stop was the super cute The White House Hotel, our home for the weekend; we dumped our bags and, due to the rain headed straight for the pub where we mapped out all of the bands we planned to see, Thursday, in all honesty wasn't great with regards to acts for us so we decided to save our gig energy for the Friday and Saturday and spent the day eating, drinking and exploring beautiful and charming (albeit rainy) Brighton.

However, that being said, I've thrown in some shots from across the entire weekend when the sun came out and we caught some unreal acts. Above are some shots from the likes of Pins, an uhhhmazing punk girl band from Manchester who are utterly incredible live, they had me pining for guitar lessons and a badass bleached doo ASAP, The Vaccines who did a secret set on Friday night... UNREAL! It was such an intimate set with the best and most fun atmosphere of all the sets we saw, just amazing.
We also checked out The Cribs on Saturday night, a band I have loved for as long as I can remember so they were an absolute delight, and finally F.U.R.S and The Garden, I have one word for The Garden and that is MENTAL!
If you're interested in discovering some new music I've left a YouTube link to each of the acts, above for you to check out :)

So there we have it, my first Great Escape Summary. Writing this has sent me into another level of Weekend Blues so I do hope you've enjoyed hearing all about my weekend away and make sure you stay tuned for my second post coming later this week.

x M

*This post is sponsored by Missguided but outfits & opinions are mine all mine*

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