Switzerland Photo Diary: BASELWORLD with BERING.

Last month, myself and a few mega blogging babes were invited to Switzerland and the famous Baselworld with luxury watch and jewellery brand Bering.
Admittedly I hadn't ever heard of Baselworld before, but on reflection and telling people all about it, I've learnt that, it's a pretty big deal! I took my brand new Olympus Pen Generation camera along with me so thought I'd share some of my snaps from my trip and my cameras first outing.

Basically Baselworld, in Basel, Switzerland is a huge luxury watch and jewellery convention, where all the best brands such as Chanel, Dior, Rolex and many many more (seriously it was HUGE) show their latest watch and jewellery collections, I guess you could say it's the fashion week for wrist-wear.

We were invited along by Bering, a beautiful watch and jewellery brand that is heavily influenced by the Arctic. It was super fun to learn more about the Bering brand and how it's founder was so inspired by the vast Arctic landscape, after jumping out of a helicopter and into the most northerly point of the globe, which was extremely evident from their latest collection, the branding, packaging and of course the crazy impressive stand at Baselworld.

Once we'd learnt about the brand and tried on A LOT of watches (I finally decided to take home the all black beauty after much deliberation) we had a few hours of free time so we hot footed into the centre of Basel. A very quiet and tranquil town but with serious amounts of charm. The architecture was stunning and, although there wasn't an awful lot to see or do there, I left thinking just how beautiful the place would be when the sun was shining (obvz we brought the rain with us)

I had a really fun day hanging out with blogging babes Sarah, Hannah, Scarlett, Kate and Sheree and it was really great to explore a new place, thanks Bering!

x M

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