A trip to Brighton #LoveC4Cactus COMPETITION!

A few weeks back now the huns at Citroen kindly invited us on a little seaside break to Brighton. I'd never been before and was super excited to get away from the city and explore a new place in serious style, carry on reading to hear more about my trip and to find out how you can win the exact trip!

So first up, let me talk you through this awesome lil car that got us from the hustle and bustle of London to the calm and super charming Brighton sea front.
The Citroen C4 Cactus is an absolute beaut of a car and thats coming from me, someone who cannot drive and someone who doesn't have any interest in cars other than the colour of them...

But I seriously fell in love with it and am now dying to get back to Manchester (forget doing a driving test in central London) and get passing that driving test of mine (I failed twice... Don't judge)

So, as the passenger of this pretty snazzy ride, I travelled in both style and comfort for two hours from London to Brighton and it was a bladdy delight to feel like a lil posh gal as we cruised the streets of London, a nice change to my usual tube or peasant wagon life... Jokes... Kind of.

My chauffer for the weekend (LOL), said it was a great drive, super smooth, lightweight and an all round incredible experience, but do read more about it here if you're interested.. The built in sat-nav was a God-send as we tackled rush hour London on a Friday night with only 3 wrong turns...

When we finally got to Brighton we checked into the down right keraaaazy Hotel Pelirocco, and were greeted by the wackiest of staff, guests and decor I've ever seen.
Not my usual choice of accommodation for a "relaxing" weekend away but super fun all the same. Our room was mental and very much like a teenage punk rockers bedroom which provided many laughs each and every time we set foot inside.

As you guys will know, if you follow me on Instagram, I'm a HUGE foodie and an absolute sucker for taking pictures of it... Again, do not judge.
We brunched down at Silo, a super cool and very "East London" style cafe where the menu was minimal yet unbelievably delicious and the coffee one of the best I've ever had.
On our second day we checked out The New Club which was incredibly busy, full of both locals and tourists, which, is always a good sign. I opted for one of my faves, smoked salmon and avocado with cream cheese on a bagel and it certainly hit the spot.

Oh and of course, it wouldn't be a seaside break without a spot of fish n chips.

So there's my lil round-up of our trip to Brighton, the first of many I do hope.
And now for the exciting part, you can win a similar mini break of your choice and a test drive of the super snazzy Citroen C4 Cactus... Exciting ey!?
All you need to do is 1 of the below thangs, but the more you do, the more chance you have of winning your very own weekend away;

Click here and submit your weekend wish
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I'd like to thank Citroen and particularly Haleigh for such a wonderful trip and being the most awesome tour guides ever.
And also Laura, Liv, Amy, Suzie & Helena for all of their awesome recommendations!

x M

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