Whats in my bag: Weekend away edition.

Travel Bag- c/o Scaramanga
So as you guys know from my previous post and if you've been following me on Instagram, I popped down to Brighton last weekend for a relaxed weekend away at the seaside which was beyond lovely and just what I needed.

Packing to go away for a short amount of time usually fills me with dread; "What do I pack?", "What if it rains",  "Is a suitcase a tad excessive?" You know, alll the important questions that cause me to pack a load of old crapola that I definitely do not need.

So this time, with the help of my brand new and down right beautiful leather bag by Scottish brand Scaramanga I vowed to pack sensibly and truly think about what it was I was filling my gorgeous new holdall with.

1. The Essentials
For me, the essentials are hair, skin & beauty items. I can't go a day without cleansing properly so the easy route of face wipes is just out of the question for me. Same goes for my hair, a bad hair day is just a bad day in general so I made sure I had enough space for all my hair products and tools.

2. The Outfits
Planning ahead is something I like to think I'm pretty darn good at. I'm a compulsive list writer so the night before I drafted up a list of the looks I wanted to rock whilst down in Brighton which really helped when it came down to the packing. Two jackets, two tops, two jeans and two pair of shoes... I guess, written down is slightly accessive but my Scaramanga bag came up trumps when it came to slotting it all in.

3. Everything Else
On top of all of the above this little leather beauty managed to squish in the boring stuff like undies, jim jams, Mac Book Pro, two cameras, chargers and a variety of snacks for the ride down... Impressive right!?

So thats what I took on my mini break to Brighton and I guess a few tips and tricks for packing thrown in for good measure with my main tip being, treat yourself to a good ole holdall. I'm over the moon with my chunky brown baby made of real strong and somewhat worn leather so I just know it will do me for life, the perfect bag to take with me on all of my travels, I have a feeling this is the start of a beautiful friendship.

x M