Burritos, Frozen Margaritas and Nachos, can a meal get much better? I think not!
If, like me, that sounds like your idea of HEAVEN then you must check out Chilango when you're next in London (find your nearest restaurant right hur)

Myself and my lil sis headed to the Camden branch after work last Thursday and were greeted by the warmest, funnest and down right keraaaazy staff ever! They were beyond lovely and really took great care of us.

We perused the menu and munched away on the tortilla chips as we waited for our drinks to arrive... Stawberry AND Kiwi Frozen Margaritas... HOLY MOLY were they good! We ended up supping 3 each in the time we were there which I think suggests just how good they were!

I opted for the steak buritto with hot salsa, guacamole, black beans and peppers and boy was it good! My sister, who I like to refer to as the burrito queen, went for chicken with medium salsa and practically inhaled the beast, it was seriously THAT delicious.

The decor of Chilango is too fun for words with every attention to detail made. If you're after a super quick, yummy and seriously fresh meal in an uber fun environment then Chilango is deffo the one for you.

Best burrito I've ever had? Oh I think so!

x M

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