Last night I headed to the West End, the home of Marcus Wareing's new eatery, Tredwell's. I had heard such rave reviews about the place so was super duper excited for an evening of delicious food.

We were greeted by the warmest of welcomes, with each and every member of staff making us feel truly at home. The setting was super cosy and warm, with a relaxed and informal atmosphere, I just knew we were in for a treat. Boasting a menu that featured "modern London cooking with a focus on British produce" I was super excited to peruse the menu... again, I mean, of course I'd already scoped out what I wanted online beforehand...

First up we opted for a cocktail each; the "Down The Apples & Pears" was simply delicious featuring Belvedere vodka, apple, pear, elderflower and thyme, it was the perfect choice to start off a delicious three course meal. I personally opted for the gin cocktail, you know, cos I just lurrrve me some gin. The fact the "Gunpowder Gimlet" featured both gin and green tea had me certain that it was going to be right up my street,.. and that it totally was! Possibly the most refreshing cocktail I've ever tasted.

Now for starters, the aim of the game, which I believe should be the aim with each and every meal is to share a number of plates between your party. So, with that we opted for the prawn, white polenta, roast garlic & chicken broth, which, was one of the most delicious starters I have ever had the pleasure of tasting, an absolute taste sensation and something I'm already dying to eat again!
We also chose the chicken liver mouse with bacon jam and toast which was also pretty darn scrummy.

Now onto the red wine and main course situation.
I'm a real fish lover (which I know you shouldn't have with red wine but heyyyyy!) and tend to always order fish when I eat out, so, in true Megan style I opted for the smoked haddock, crab and courgette gratin which was super creamy yet crunchy and just beyond delicious. Whilst my buddy went for a good ole hanger steak with mushroom ketchup, they continually assured me it was just as incredible! We then shared some sides of polenta chips which were like nothing i've ever tasted before and the most deliciously fresh kale slaw!

Positively stuffed, we of course found room for a pudding or two, again of which we shared.  A seriously rich chocolate brownie with coconut yogurt and a warm ginger cake with caramel and cream, both absolutely delicious but the ginger cake won our vote for best pudding EVER!

So there we have it Marcus Wareing's Tredwells has made it into my top three best restaurants in London so far! I would seriously reccomend it if you're around London any time soon. Delicious food, a beautiful atmosphere and the most attentive of staff, I can't wait to go back!

x M

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