January Favourites

1.  Brunching
Since moving to London I've become quite fond of a trip out for some Brunch and this month more than ever I've been popping out on a weekend with some loved ones for some damn good food! Never a fan of eggs, I've developed quite the taste for both boiled and poached (still getting to grips with the whole fried and scrambled thang) and therefore one of my favourites this month is brunching. From left to right my faves have been Leyas, in Camden which consisted of avocado, spinach and tomatoes on sour dough toast with two poached eggs and drizzled in truffle oil, simply stunning. Next up we've got Cafe at The Bluebird in Chelsea, a regular haunt on one of my fave shows Made In Chelsea, I opted for the blue cheese mushrooms and rocket, again with sour dough toast, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. And Finally at Hoi Polloi in Shoreditch, a simple poached egg, chilli and avocado on toast combo, simply delicious!

2. Ugg Slippers
The babes over at Ugg kindly surprised me with a pair of Ugg slippers just before Christmas and they've pretty much not left my feet since. The comfiest most heaven sent item that I own, and since January is all about feeling sorry for yourself and staying in, crying over the weight gain of Christmas and the lack of pennies in your bank balance, these have been an absolute God send!

3. Astrid & Miyu
In the past few years, I've slowly lost my love for jewellery, I used to love nothing more than layering up the necklaces or opting for a statement piece of neckwear to jazz up a simple look. But as of late, that love has diminished... Until now!

Astrid & Miyu kindly sent across a lil package full of the most beautifully delicate jewellery! The two necklaces look so beautiful when layered up together and they're delicate enough to sleep in, so I never have to take them off, which means I never forget to put them back on, winner winner chicken dinner!

4. George Ezra
Music wise this January I've been desperately trying to steer clear from Catfish & The Bottlemen, my absolute fave band and an album I've been playing NON STOP; so I've been on the look out for some new albums to aid my Catfish rehab. In steps George Ezra and his absolutely incredible debut album, Wanted On Voyage.
When I attended the Burberry Menswear show last year, he was greeting us as we walked into the venue, singing and playing acoustically, it was love at first listen!
Particular highlights of this album, for me are "Listen To The Man", absolute corker and of course the video is EPIC, "Stand By Your Gun", again another absolute belter, but my fave song is "Did You Hear The Rain", in my opinion a little bit darker and heavier than the rest of the album, so obvz I'm into it. He's just amazing and I'm completely in awe of him!

5. Flamingo Gifts, Orla Kiely Mugs.
Okay so, sadly this favourite should include three beautiful Orla Kiely mugs from the gorgeous Flamingo Gifts website, but, unfortunately I smashed one (obviously my favourite one),  an absolutely devastating blow for a compulsive mug hoarder like myself but hey, these two are still just as stunning.
As well as being a mug hoarder, I'm also a sucker for gift shops, I absolutely love popping in to any gift shop I come across and having a good old nosey amongst the incredible goodies, the same goes for online gift shops. Flamingo Gifts had me pining for pretty much everything on there! From funny lil gifts, check this out, homewear and so much more, it's absolute love!

So they're just a few things I've been loving this January, but personally, I'm glad to see the back of the dullest month of the year, roll on February!

x M